Rio De Janeiro Vs. Jungle: Rio 2 Is Coming

Rio De Janeiro

RIO 2, the sequel of a large animated hit from 2011, is coming to the big screens in April, and this time the cute parrots migrate from Rio de Janeiro into the jungle. It will be an even more crazy, more cheerful and more colorful new adventure.

Few years after the two blue macaws Blu and Jewel fell in love and started a family, their nest increased for three new members: Bia, Carla and Tiago. And together, they will embark on the adventure of their lives. At the heart of the Amazon they will have to face with the dangerous Nigel, whose plan is to knock down as many trees as possible and forever destroy homes of some rare birds of this world. RIO 2 is returning with old favorites from the first film, joined by Bruno Mars, Kristin Chenoweth, Andy Garcia and Rita Moreno.

Blu (Jesse Eisenberg): Perfect day for Blu: He bakes pancakes for Jewel and their three children, throws himself on the sofa and watches a football match. But when it turns out that there may be more blue macaws in the world, Blue reluctantly agrees to a short trip into the Amazon jungle to find them. The rest of the family is excited about the adventure and wants to stay in the jungle, but Blue has a problem with shaking off his urban habits and soon realizes that returning to Rio will be much more difficult than he imagined. He is convinced that coming to the jungle and leaving comfortable life in Rio de Janeiro behind, was a bad idea.

Jewel (Anne Hathaway): Although she is quite happy with her life with Blu and their children, Jewel is very excited about the adventure in the wild. Finally, the whole family has a chance to start behaving like real wild birds. The journey turns out to be much more than she hoped for when she discovers her father. But soon it becomes clear that Blu has difficulties in adapting to the wilderness, therefore she is torn between the desire to remain with her father at the Amazon, and Blu’s desire to return to Rio de Janeiro.

Carla (Rachel Crow): Is Blu’s and Jewel’s lively firstborn, who would rather listen to music on her iPod than hang out with the other members of the family. At first she resisted to go on vacation into the wilderness, but when she finds out that they will be joined by the cool uncle Nico and Pedro, who are seeking talents, her journey suddenly feels full of possibilities.

Tiago (Pierce Gagnon): Is the youngest of all three children and the only boy. He is clumsy and always crashes or destroys something. He is always in the mood for an adventure and he quickly gets used to a life in the wild.

Bia (Amandla Stenberg): She is clever like her dad, always has a book in her hand and she is full of knowledge. But when she arrives at the Amazon, she gives her books away and she experiences the colorful life around her for the first time in her life.

Nico (Jamie Foww) in Pedro (Will I Am): When they hear that Blu is going to the Amazon basin, Nico and Pedro decide to join him and seek out new talents for the upcoming carnival. Their adventure turns into a kind of South American version of American Idol since they listen to a cluster of unique new animals at the auditions (some are gifted, others are not), but all of them are giving out  a wild jungle glow.

Rafael (George Lopez): He is always in the mood for an adventure, especially if it helps him to get away from his family. He immediately joins the adventure to the Amazon, because he knows that Blu will need his help. When Blu begins to worry that is not the right bird for Jewel, Rafael gives him a simple advice: “Happy wife, happy life.” This advice inspires Blu to try to adapt to life in the wild, and to “become a real bird.”

Luiz (Tracy Morgan): He is happy to help Nico and Pedro with their auditions in Rio. But unfortunately, he is more of a burden than a help.

Nigel (Jemaine Clement): Although he has already lost most of the feathers and is now flying like a chicken, the cockatoo villain is returning. He works at the market at the Amazon, where he is assigned to steal money from tourists. But when Blu with his family flies above his head, he gets a new meaning in life: revenge on the “blue reasons of his misery.”

Gabi (Kristin Chenoweth): Is a tiny pink, but severely toxic frog, which is stuck in a jar at the market. She is in love with Nigel, although she is aware that her touch would kill him. When she can join Nigel on his vengeful task she is immensely happy.

Eduardo (Andy Garcia): He is the leader of the blue macaws tribe at the Amazon and as it turns out, Jewel’s father. He is a passionate supporter of the bird culture and terribly protective of his daughter.

Mimi (Rita Moreno): She is Eduardo’s older sister. She welcomes Blu and Jewel with open wings ant tries to cool down the hot blood between Eduardo and Blu.

Roberto (Bruno Mars): He is Jewel’s childhood friend and the kind of son that Eduardo would like. He is a real charmer of the tribe and it seems like there is nothing that Roberto can not do. But he has a secret and when Blu discovers it, the dynamics between them develops in a surprising way.

RIO 2 is coming to theaters on April 11, and then the fun journey from Rio de Janeiro into the jungle can begin.

By: Janette Verdnik


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