Robinson Cano Due for Rude Awakening With Seattle Mariners

Robinson CanoRobinson Cano is due for a rude awakening with the Seattle Mariners as long as he thinks the transition from New York will be seamless. The M’s new second baseman signed a deal over ten years worth a whopping $240 million this past offseason. Fans across the country were shocked to see the Yankees get outbid for their best player.

Today, Cano came out and said that he believes the Mariners are still lacking a bit on offense. It is good to know that he is so intent on bringing a winning culture back to a team that has not seen the postseason since a record 116-win season back in 2001, but the Mariners are not the Yankees. They do not buy free agents with no remorse, which is what made it so surprising that they doled out nearly a quarter of a billion dollars for Cano. He had to know that his outrageous contract was going to handcuff some of the organization’s ability to spend elsewhere.

Cano does raise a good point, but he took it a bit too far when he offered his full ideas trying out for the new general manager position.

Cano is due for a rude awakening with the Seattle Mariners if he thinks that is how they intend on winning. The extra money to bring in huge names is not there with Cano’s contract on the books. The Mariners have struggled for the past decade because they have not properly developed their own prospects, and the high-profile free agents they have brought in, namely Adrian Beltre, Richie Sexson, Carlos Silva and Chone Figgins all lost their touch. The Mariners’ attempts to recruit sluggers have fallen short because of their cavernous ballpark, a big reason why they have recently moved the fences in at Safeco Field.

Cano’s comments are not exactly ill-advised, but they are noteworthy. Aside from Cano, Seattle has indeed had a solid offseason. They brought in right-handed power bat Corey Hart to play first base in addition to acquiring outfielder Logan Morrison and catcher John Buck.

What Cano needs to understand now is that he is not just a star amongst other stars like he was on the Yankees where he could calmly go about his business knowing he had mashers like Alex Rodriguez and Mark Teixeira behind him providing protection. Cano held out for his $240 million, and now he must prove he was worth it. He is the bona fide superstar on this team and will not have the sort of protection in the lineup that he has grown accustomed to. Cano has to step up and be a leader and not look as much to other players to lead the team to victory. It is mostly on his shoulders now.

Robinson Cano is due for a rude awakening with the Seattle Mariners if he is not prepared for the added pressure of his contract, the weakened protection in the lineup and the deeper fences out in right field. His comments today surely raised a few eyebrows, but can be taken a few different ways. Cano clearly just wants to win, but will have to assume more responsibility if that is to be the case in Seattle.

Commentary by Justin Hussong


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