Samsung Group to Continue to Sell in America

Samsung groupIn a battle between two companies, Samsung Group has come out on top after a judge has ruled that the company can continue to sell its products in America. It is bad news for rival Apple, which has spent just over two years attempting to block sales due to the Korean company infringing on patented technology.

The battle started in 2011 when the iPhone creators took Samsung to court for violating patents. There were 23 infringes on the multi-touch software that Galaxy phones and tablets use. While the Korean company has been found guilty of violating patents on some of the devices, the presiding judge, Lucy Koh, ruled that Apple had failed to prove that the technology was the main reasons consumers chose the Galaxy products.

The iPhone company did not stop there. In 2013, further appeals were made to have Koh look at the decision again. In December 2013, Koh again ruled that there was no proof that the use of the multi-touch technology was the reason for consumers to choose the Samsung Group Galaxy products over the Apple iPhone and iPad products. Apple needed to be able to offer proof that this was the main reason for the loss of sales to the rival company. It was not up to Samsung to prove the opposite.

She did, however, uphold the penalty against the company, meaning that it still has to pay the almost $930 million that two separate juries have already decided on.

The lack of proof meant that Koh had one choice, and that was to allow Samsung Group to continue to sell its older tablet and smart phone models in America. These models include the Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 10.1 and the more recent “phablet,” the Galaxy Note 3.

Apple produced a survey that showed people liked the multi-touch screen software. However, the survey ruled out a number of other aspects that would appeal to consumers. These included the extended battery life compared to Apple products and the use of the Android operating system over the iOS platform.

It is good news for the Korean company, who is hoping to release its new Galaxy smart phone, the S5. This has been widely anticipated, and sees the battery life extended further. The camera has also seen an update, with a dual-LED flash and 16MP camera on the back, as previously reported by the Guardian Liberty Voice.

The Galaxy S5 creators have also decided to add a finger-print scanner, which will be used to unlock phones. This is very much like Apple’s option for the iPhone 5S. However, Samsung Group has gone one step further to allow the finger-print scanner to work for other needs, including accessing files and photos on the phone. The new device will be available in the middle of April 2014.

Apple still has the option to file more injunctions against the sale of the Samsung Galaxy products. However, Santa Clara University Law School professor, Brian Love has stated that there are slim chances that the tech giant will win a case. Love believes that unless Apple really changes its direction, Samsung Group will always continue to sell its older tablet and phone models in America.

By Alexandria Ingham


The Boston Globe


Guardian Liberty Voice

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