Samsung Milk Music Does a Body and Head Good

Samsung Milk Music Does a Body and Head Good

If you own a Samsung smartphone, and you enjoy listening to music, you’ll be glad to know that Samsung has introduced in the U.S. its free online music streaming service called Milk Music. Milk Music is available solely to people who own Galaxy-branded Samsung mobile devices. Got Milk Music? If not, then get it — it does both your body and your head good.

Why the name Milk Music?

Who knows why the new online music streaming service of Samsung is called Milk Music? Maybe because it’s fresh, pure, and good, and listening to it builds your body in 10 different ways. Or, maybe not.

The point is, it’s a pretty cool music service. It’s powered by Slacker Radio, the direct competitor to Pandora. Samsung calls it a significant improvement over other online streaming music apps on the market. Milk Music is also free to download as an app, and it’s ad-free.

Milk Music provides listeners with 13 million songs they can jam to from its music library. Also, there are over 200 music channels available to listen to, all free of charge if you’re a Samsung Galaxy-branded smartphone owner.

What’s more, Milk Music provides a feature called “Spotlight” that promises to provide you Samsung Galaxy owners songs to listen to that are “handpicked” by experts for your listening pleasure.

Samsung’s North american President, Gregory Lee, called Milk Music “A fresh approach to music,” and added that it reflects Samsung’s “innovative leadership.”

In 2013, Samsung lured customers with the offer of a free musical app in which they gave away a million copies of Jay-Z’s album, Magna Carta Holy Grail. This offer proved to be very popular, and the album became an instant hit, topping the Billboard charts.

While the Milk Music service is currently free, small print on Samsung’s website below an asterisk states that it’s free but it’s an offer that’s only available for a set but unspecified limit of time.

You can get the Milk app now, by downloading it from the Google Play store. The app features an interface that looks like a dial, and you can search through the music channels by genre. The Milk Music service keeps track of your listening history and musical preferences and this information can be shared across multiple Samsung devices.

What Samsung devices will the Milk Music service work with?

The Milk Music online music streaming service offered by Samsung free for a limited time is available for and compatible with the Galaxy Note 3, Galaxy Note handsets, Galaxy SIII, and the Galaxy S4. Beginning this April, it will also be available for the Samsung Galaxy S5. Some people have reportedly even had the luck of being able to install it on Galaxy Nexus mobile smartphones.

The Milk Music service has been designed to be customizable, fast, and easy to use, but there’s a lot of competition that it faces from online streaming music apps like Apple’s iTunes Radio, Spotify, and Pandora.

As if this wasn’t enough, no registration or set-up is required, and the music you want to listen to plays instantly. You can even customize the dial to show just the stations and genres you prefer, and, with “My Stations,” you can join up all of your favorite channels into a single one that’s accessible through the onscreen dial on your mobile’s screen.

Get Milk Music if you’re a Samsung smartphone user and you also are a music lover. Milk Music not only does a body good; it also is the music you love, that touches your heart and soul, or that brings out the inner romantic, classical or jazz or rock or country (etc.) music lover in you, so it does your heart and head good, too. Check out the app today!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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