ScarJo Announces ‘Her’ Pregnancy


Recent Her star Scarlett “ScarJo” Johansson and fiance’ Romain Dauriac are expecting a baby! The 29-year-old actress announced her pregnancy this week, but she was questioned on the subject just a few months ago, confirming her desire for a family, and acknowledging a long run of 20 years in the film industry. Though Scarlett, nicknamed “ScarJo,” may have to slow down from making movies for a while, this will likely be more of a mid-point than an end to her career. At 29, ScarJo has a strong track-record in Hollywood, particularly for someone of her age.

Johansson has starred in several notable films over the years including Lost in Translation and The Avengers. Recently ScarJo was heard, but not seen in Her, where she portrayed the voice of a sophisticated operating system named Samantha. However Johansson’s time on-screen has led her toward branching out; recently, the actress purchased the rights to some books in hopes of directing the accompanying screenplays. She has been upfront about her intention to do some work behind the scenes for years, though she admits that women have been getting meatier roles in their 30s and 40s, so even if she takes any kind of “break,” ScarJo will certainly return to the silver screen.

Meanwhile, ScarJo is currently listed on IMDB as being in pre-production for the film version of Truman Capote’s novella, Summer Crossing. This film has been a long time coming- news sources began speaking about the film as early as 2011, but apparently some more work had to be done before production could begin. ScarJo reportedly has had this project in the works for several years now, and loyal fans will no doubt be ready when it is finally released. This is Scarjo’s first feature film, but she previously directed a short film, These Vagabond Shoes, starring Kevin Bacon. Unfortunately, her short film was cut from the anthology it was created for. Still, Johannson has kept her dream alive of working behind the scenes for a long time now, and if all goes well with Summer Crossing, she will be well on her way to building a successful off-screen career; apparently even Hollywood royalty need something to fall back on.

For ScarJo, it seems now more than ever that she has all bases covered; Career as a movie star (and possibly a director), hot French fiance’, and her recently announced pregnancy. If ScarJo’s past public reception is any indicator, even her baby bump will be labeled as sexy. Not only has Johannson been labeled (by Esquire) as the “sexiest woman alive,” she has received the title twice.

However it wasn’t always fawning fans and drooling dudes for ScarJo. Her first attempts at a career were foiled by having a deep voice that didn’t hit the mark for commercial gigs. Now Johansson has the last laugh as she has captured several roles from sexy-star to leading-lady, and now her new upcoming role as “mom.” ScarJo joins a long list of celebrities have recently announced their pregnancies. Kelly Clarkson, Ginnifer Goodwin, Drew Barrymore, Gwen Stefani, and Beyonce’ are only a handful of the celebrities who will be sporting baby bumps throughout 2014 as they prepare their homes for new bundles of joy.

By Bonnie Sludikoff


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