Selena Gomez Ready to Take on the World

Selena GomezSelena Gomez is ready to put everything behind her and take on the world. That is what she told Seventeen magazine during an interview. She explained how she wanted it to be all about her, but is finally ready to let that happen.

The 21-year-old has always felt like she was in the shadow of other Disney stars. While she was on Wizards of Waverly Place, her friends and former Disney stars Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato were also there taking center stage. Cyrus has the ever-popular Hannah Montana, while Lovato was proving her acting quality with Sunny With a Chance. Gomez also explained that The Jonas Brothers made it hard for her.

While she was on the show, she would constantly feel inferior. She would question her singing abilities, her acting talents and even her looks.

Shortly after that admission, she went onto talk about her previous relationship with Justin Bieber. The Come and Get It singer explained that their breakup was ugly. She was 20 years old at the time and struggling to find someone who would support her with all her dreams. It was only after talking to Katy Perry about men that she realized many are scared of powerful women, and she is one of those powerful women. This year, she feels more powerful than ever and Gomez is ready to take on the world.

The 21-year-old seems to have gained a lot from rehab, which she attended for two weeks at the start of January. While she finished her 45-day treatment early, she went through the toughest part and seems to have taken some of the strategies away with her.

There is still no confirmation on why she attended Dawn at the Meadows at the start of the year. While reps say that it was not for drugs or substance abuse, many fans have questioned whether it was over her breakup with Bieber. It seems possible, especially if she is finally opening up about the “ugly split.”

It could also have been the difficult schedule that she had recently forced on herself. According to her reps she needed some time to herself. She had been touring, acting and singing for the last six years and has never had the chance to just enjoy her life. At the end of 2013, the singer announced that she would be cancelling the Australian and Asian dates for her world tour stating that she needed to take time out for herself. It is possible that the rehab was planned then, as it should have led into the initial tour dates had she chosen to stick through it all.

When asked about other men in her life, the former Disney star happily admitted that she is currently single. After her talk with Perry, she wants to find someone who will “have her back” and not be intimidated by her talents, strengths and passion. She has dreams and wants to change the world, and Gomez is ready to take it all on to see her dreams become a reality.

By Alexandria Ingham


The Daily Mail

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