Selena Gomez Risks Relapse While With Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez checked into the Dawn at the Meadows rehab center in Arizona back in January. Now that Selena Gomez is out and back with Justin Bieber, the Wizards of Waverly Place star has the Come and Get It singers camp worried that the young celebrity is at risk of a relapse.

Gomez entered rehab and then checked out after just two weeks. The 21-year-old singer recently made an explosive comeback while singing at the State Farm Arena in Hidalgo, Texas. The young singer’s performance was dazzling as Gomez danced and sang in a white ensemble which accentuated the Texas natives abs, legs and toned arms. She had met up with bad-boy Justin Bieber the day before the concert, where the two shared breakfast together. Later the couple was seen at a local Starbucks. It is the reuniting of the famous couple that has started to fuel very real concerns over Gomez’s state of health, especially after the singer’s recent stint in rehab.

Justin Bieber, who has received bad press lately over his disrespectful behavior, doesn’t seem to be too concerned about Gomez or her health. Friends of Bieber and Selena’s camp have battled it out for the last couple of weeks just trying to lay blame. It seems that Bieber is taking none of the criticism for girlfriend Gomez’s addiction problems. The Canadian singer’s friends blame Gomez for being the bad influence. This caused Selena’s camp to get up in arms. “Everyone between friends, family and handlers,” a source told, “wants Justin out of her life.” The source continued to say that the singers team was making sure that Gomez would never be alone, so that the young star would not contact Bieber. With the recent release of Instagram pics of the two together, being posted by Bieber and Gomez, that has proved to be a futile effort.

The risk of relapse for Selena Gomez has pretty high odds while with old-flame, new-flame Justin Bieber.  Simply by hanging around with the old “gang” where these addictive behaviors occurred causes high risk. According to Psychology Today, hanging out with past drinking buddies is one sure way off falling off the wagon. That no matter how hard the recovering addict tries, surrounding oneself with past drinking buddies will only give way to a relapse. Psychology Today adds that just even missing “the good old days” can have a powerful grip on a recovering addict. The need to belong and to glamorize the fun of the past is powerful enough to cause a relapse.

It is no wonder that Gomez’s team is trying hard to separate the two. The fact that Bieber’s team is just deflecting blame doesn’t help Gomez at all.  Bieber’s camp even said that Justin was glad to get rid of Gomez because she is the bad influence.  This is a very opposite tale from what Justin himself portrayed in the Canadian’s leaked deposition tapes.  At one point in the tape you see Bieber waving his finger incessantly at the court reporter repeating, “Don’t you ask me about her again,” referring to Gomez.  Bieber isn’t proving to be a reputable source for anything these days as his erratic behavior just equals that of a spoiled little brat. The fact that Bieber and his team even go as far as to blame Gomez for being the bad influence is comedic enough. The world can see and equate the couples behavior. If anything, it is obvious that Gomez had an untarnished reputation until the 21-year-old began relations with scandal-making Bieber.

With the young singer back in Bieber’s company, it is no surprise that Selena Gomez has her team very concerned that the young star is at risk of a relapse. After her solid performance at the Borderfest concert, Gomez fans are praying that the young singer will stay on track and that Bieber’s influence will magically disappear.

Opinion by Derik L. Bradshaw

Psychology Today

2 Responses to "Selena Gomez Risks Relapse While With Justin Bieber"

  1. Bill Fitzhenry   March 11, 2014 at 3:19 pm

    just another thought – I am Canadian and am seriously embarrased by Beiber. What makes these kids think that they are so special.

  2. Bill Fitzhenry   March 11, 2014 at 3:13 pm

    don’t really know Selena or who she is or even what she seems to be famous for – but – from everything heard to date – she should be running like hell from Justin Beiber. This guy is on a downword spiral – absolutely out of control and she should be just running away. No one needs a partner who thinks he is the best thing in life. Absoloutely no one.

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