Serbia Polls as Center Right Favorites


Serbia polls are under way and the center right progressive party are favorites to win it all and seek a fresh four-year term. This polls decision was recently taken by the Center right party with a promise to boost the Serbian economy. Experts predict an overwhelming majority for the progressive party this time. If that happens, it would be the first time since the fall of Yugoslavia under Slobadan Milosevic that a party could command a strong grip on the political front in Serbia.

The Serbian economy has struggled for a few years now and this center right agenda to focus on financial stability in Serbia has attracted many a voter during this polls. Progressive Party head Alexander Vucic has turned into a pro European Union candidate since 2008 and his party joined the bandwagon to push Serbia into this European league of nations. Experts say that would certainly help the situation of the Serbian economy moving forward.

Today’s voting could see 6.7 million Serbian decide the mandate for the next Serbian parliament term. The current coalition party the socialists are expected to finish a cheeky second in the poll predictions. During the campaign trials the center right party has asked the Serbian people to give them a full majority so that they can carry out their economic plans with any obstacles in parliament and gun down corruption in the country with full force.

Corruption in Serbia has been a matter of serious concern and has effected the financial condition of the country. The opposition parties have run the election campaign reminding the Serbian people of giving full majority to the center right progressive party could take the country back to the authoritarian government of the nineties under Milosevic. Ballots in Serbia today has nineteen parties and independent groups standing for a seat in the parliament. Serbian capital Belgrade and other adjacent towns are voting for the local assembly seats as well.

As of this morning the Serbian Republic Election Commissioner Durvedic has confirmed that all polling station are open except the one in Novi Pazar where the election officials refused to start polling because of multiple missing ballots and no further news has come out of Novi Pazar till now. The opposition parties are hopeful that the people of Serbia would not vote for a one man regime like the Democratic opposition leader put it.

If the opinion polls and popular sentiment prevail in this Serbian Polls, the Center Right progressive party government will have its work cut out as one-third of Serbians do not have a job and have struggled recently to find new employment opening in various sectors. Serbian and European Union joining process though is predicted by many as a long-term one and that could mean it would take Serbia 2020 before getting an official EU membership. But Vucic and the Serbian Center right party believes those EU talks can certainly lead the foreign investments into the country and that would be a huge step in boosting the Serbian economy to prosperity.

By Vikas Vemuri





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