Nikki Sixx Hopes Third Time the Charm for New Marriage


A now 55-year-old Nikki Sixx has just wed his exquisite model girlfriend of three years, Courtney Bingham, in true rock and roll fashion. The Motley Crue bassist has had an insatiable and well documented appetite for Playboy Bunnies in the past, but this time opted to stick it out for the long haul with just a plain old supermodel instead. This new marriage marks number three for Nikki Sixx, who hopes that after two divorces, the third time is the charm.

The 130 guests of the celebrity nuptials were greeted at the Greystone Mansion in Beverly Hills by peacocks; yes, peacocks. The theme of the grand affair was Gothic rock invades the French countryside, and it surprisingly went off without a hitch. Nikki dawned his signature wild and feathered mane of jet black silken hair, complete with a bandana around his now wrinkling forehead. To really glam up the otherwise pretty PG outfit, he wore converse sneakers below his dapper suit, just for a subtle touch of rock. The theme appeared a little fancy, a little rock and roll, and all the while Nikki Sixx straddling the middle with effortless ease.

Courtney, adversely, was all manicured grace and elegance. She wore a gorgeous strapless cream-colored gown with strings of pearls draping delicately around her slender neck. With a form-fitting bodice and a full length skirt with pleated hem, the model, only 28 years old, epitomized bridal radiance. The dress, apparently, came from her aunt who owns Janene’s Bridal Boutique in Northern California.¬†While the two put together looked almost like a Vegas advertisement for “whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” the event was quite lovely overall. Perhaps this new marriage, being Nikki Sixx’s third time down the aisle, will be the charm needed for success and longevity.

Sixx’s fist two marriages went down the typical road of rock star nuptials, although they certainly lasted longer than some other notorious ill fated couples, like band mate Tommy Lee’s legendary romance with Pamela Anderson. His first marriage to Brandi Brandt lasted seven years and yielded three children. His second marriage to Donna D’Errico was an eleven year affair with another child being born along the way. Now 55 years old and with four kids, Sixx has taken his sacred vows once again, and hopefully for the last time. Whether or not he desires more children is a mystery, and most likely remains in the hands of his new and much younger wife.

It has been a long time since Motley Crue assailed the airwaves with their heavy metal, head banging, and high-pitched squeals. Perhaps this newest nuptial, between Nikki Sixx and Courtney Bingham signifies the absolute and final ending to a bygone era. Today the airwaves are ruled by a different sort of iconic image, that of Justin Bieber and bands like One Direction. It is hard to say which is better or which is worse, but that is the way it goes. Tomorrow someone else will inherit the throne and Justin Bieber’s third marriage will be making headlines. Regardless of where mainstream music winds up, today one of its not so prodigal sons, Nikki Sixx, got married, and hopes this new union acts as the third time charm.

By Brandon Duringer



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