Shailene Woodley Is She the Next Jennifer Lawrence?

Shailene Woodley Is She the Next Jennifer Lawrence?

It seriously sounds like The Hunger Games all over again, young actress, disarmingly down-to-earth, charming, and tells it like it is; Shailene Woodley, is she the next Jennifer Lawrence? The 22 year-old star of Divergent certainly says exactly what she means, something else she has in common with the 23 year-old star of American Hustle.

Woodley has done one thing that Lawrence has not, she’s worked with George Clooney. According to Shailene the experience was a great one. She called the 52 year-old film star her “second father” and claims that he only tells about 30 percent of what he really does. In essence she seems to have become another Clooney conquest, but not of the May December sort.

Of course in terms of acting Shailene differs wildly from Ms Lawrence in terms of projects. Woodley started working professionally in the entertainment industry at the age of four. Jennifer started when she was considerably older. Another thing that Shailene has under her belt is a lot of television work. These differences aside, the two are still very similar in how they present themselves.

Shailene is very blunt about her childhood, at least the teen part of it. She reveals that she was a late “bloomer” who did not kiss anyone till she was 15 years-old and that she played with Barbie dolls when she was 14. According to the rail thin star of Divergent her first kiss was with a chap with “big beautiful lips.”

Sounds like it was well worth waiting for to hear her tell it. LIke Jennifer Lawrence, Shailene Woodley is good cutting through the Hollywood dross that a lot of “star’s” deliver in interviews. She looks set to become the next big thing, although it doesn’t appear that she is a fan of social networking. Woodley says that social media increases the whole excitable fan thing and she just deleted her Instagram account.

Shailene explains very simply that all actors are natural born narcissists and that social media caters to that focus on self. Either that or she’s saying that all people are narcissistic, it doesn’t really matter as she not only got rid of her Instagram, but she also ditched her cell phone.

Honesty about her body image is another thing that Woodley shares with Jennifer Lawrence. Back when The Hunger Gamess had yet to turn into a huge mega-hit with audiences, Jennifer spoke freely about not wanting to lose weight to become someone else’s idea of perfection. Woodley is just as straight forward about her own body image.

The Descendants actress reveals that not only was she a late bloomer, she got a lot of flack for being so skinny. The actress is still quite thin, but not because she diets stringently or follows any particular diet. Although it should be pointed out that Shailene admits to eating clay. Apparently it is good for people and removes heavy metals from the body.

Another thing that Woodley is not afraid to share is her habit of sunning her lady bits down below when the occasion arises. She swears that vitamin D is great for those not-so nice issues that women’s vaginas fall prey to from lack of air.

Shailene Woodley may just be the next Jennifer Lawrence, she may not look like The Hunger Games star and she may like to oil-pull, but she does share that tendency to disarm the public with what comes across as absolute honesty. At least some things are the actress’s own, like eating clay and providing vitamin D to her nether regions. Barring these little habits the two stars could be spiritual twins.

By Michael Smith



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