Sin City Trailer Released (Video)

Sin CityThe latest Sin City trailer has been released. The trailer to the film titled Sin City: A Dame To Kill For is short at a running time of 1:24 but it more than makes up in frenetic action for what it lacks in length.

The recently released Sin City trailer opens with a shot of a head spinning through the air. Shards of glass fly around the head. Next up is Jessica Alba, playing Nancy, swigging from a bottle. She looks over at a busy villainous Senator Roark, (Powers Booth), before holding her gun up to her face. Next, Dwight McCarthy, (Josh Brolin), makes an appearance in the black and white trailer, and the first bit of color arrives: a pair of lips, Ava Lord’s, (Eva Green), smothered in red lipstick. Ava, (Eva Green), then appears in a phone box, asking Dwight if it is him.

In a trailer that refuses to let down on the pace, the viewer sees a wild-eyed Joey (Ray Liotta) putting a silencer on a gun. Then we cut to Dwight and Nancy in her bedroom, Nancy sitting up, her legs outstretched on the bed. The next character we meet enters and exits as quickly as the others: Johnny, ( Joseph Gordon-Levitt). The camera cuts and pans up to reveal Ava wearing a bright blue coat standing in a doorway. Then a man, his face bandaged, sits up, pointing a gun. A woman smashes a mirror. The senator appears playing cards at a gambling table with his cronies. The camera cuts to Johnny standing at a door being opened. Nancy is up next, standing in a white dress in a tub of steam. Each image is as short and punchy as the next, the viewer’s mind racing to work out who is who and what is what as the trailer races by.

Finally some relief as the screen is taken up by the name of the film’s Director, editor, and cinematographer: Robert Rodriguez. The trailer showcases the film-maker is clearly back with his signature style that made the original Sin City, From Dusk to Dawn and Spy-Kids such huge successes. But the respite from the frenetic action is short lived as the pace gets going again. A man is shown being thrown off a hill. McCarthy is shown dropping down a hole. Mort, (Christopher Meloni), shouts, speeding along in a car. Johnny screams. Then the screen fills up with the name of the second director, Frank Miller, who also co-wrote the film and wrote the graphic novels on which the Sin City movies are based.

Next, a stripper with luminous hair slides onto a stage. A bed ridden man opens one eye, a golden bullet-shaped one, another rare flash of color. Dwight McCarthy tears through the streets in a car. Two all white animated characters are shown running at one another against a black backdrop. Miho, (Jamie Chung), unleashes a sword as a bunch of guns fill up the front of the screen. And then the cast of actor’s playing the host of briefly glimpsed characters take over the screen: Alba, Gordon-Levitt, Rourke, Brolin, Liotta. An all-star, all-cool line up movie fans will find hard to resist.

The trailer starts up again. McCarthy fighting, Nancy and McCarthy on the bed, Joey (Mickey Rourke) lights a cigarette. The red-lipped Nancy fires a gun. Johnny is shown by his car overlooking the city from a hill. The camera cuts to an aerial shot of the city alight at night, the darkness lit up by skyscrapers.  From the shape of the city form the words Sin City.

If the film is anywhere near as fast-paced, stimulating and action packed as the recently released Sin City: A Dame to Kill For trailer, fans are in for a tempting treat as sweet as the first movie. Sin City: A Dame to Kill For will be released Aug. 22 in the U.S.

Commentary by Christian Deverille


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