South Africa Farm Murders Continue to Dominate the Headlines

South Africa Farms

The devastating news of triple farm murder continues to dominate the headlines in South Africa. Three members of the Schutte family, a father, mother, and son were brutally killed on March2, 2014 on their farm in Richmond Kwazulu Natal.

The grisly details of this triple murder take the number of farm murders to 50 so far in South Africa, this year alone. The continued farm related murders are a constant problem and an issue the current government has not sufficiently dealt with.

The German Schutte family met with a most horrifying death, and this killing is condemned by the opposition political parties of South Africa. The cruelty, torture and mutilation the family endured prior to their death are described as another violent death of yet another farmer.

According to a neighbor, the mother, Elizabeth, went to the airport to meet her son, Lutz who arrived from Germany for the 77th birthday party of his father, Eckard. Unknown to mother and son, the murders were waiting for their return. When they arrived home, Lutz’s father was presumably dead after his neck and chest were slit open. Both mother and son walked into a frenzy of hell before their bodies were slashed with large knives and torched.

The Schutte family’s other son, Stefan, arrived at the farm for the surprise birthday party and discovered the gruesome corpses of his family.

According to a police spokesperson, he confirmed that all three victims were white and had severe stab wounds on their bodies. Mrs. Schutte’s head was crushed with a heavy object and all three victims were set on fire. He confirmed that the police had no information on the possible suspects. The house was ransacked, and household items, money and firearms together with the family car were stolen. No arrests have been made so far.

It was reported that a large group of black males fled the murder scene in the Schutte’ families vehicle after the horrid attack on Saturday.

Mr. Pieter Groenewald, the parliamentarian of the Freedom Front, a political party in South Africa, slammed this brutal murder and said it is utterly shocking and does not speak of ordinary criminality.

It is a known fact that the majority of farm murders in South Africa are accompanied with cruelty and does create the impression that there is a racial and political motivation behind these insensitive crimes.

The Center for the Study of Violence and Reconciliation (CSVR) is an organization involved in the  analysis of violent crimes such as farm murders.  Their intense investigation into the cruelty accompanying farm murders and other violent crimes in 2010  did not reveal any new developments. There was no address of the causes and the general social-economic and  socio-political problems of violent crimes.

The public outcry for the government to take drastic action against the violent and sometimes horrific murders among farmers has been ignored. The escalating murders, primarily of white farmers are a serious concern for the country. Farmers are the source of the food production of the country, and with the high statistics of murdered farmers, the food security is at risk. The importance of not producing enough food to feed the nation will have an adverse effect on the economy.

While the government does little to halt the gruesome farm murders in South Africa, this recent triple murder is without doubt a serious matter. This is the type of crime that will cause the ordinary citizens of the country to take up arms and stop the onslaught of farmers. The dominant news of the farm murders remain in the media and have caused a wave of concern around the world.

By Laura Oneale


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