South Africa No Longer the Beloved Country as Arms Dealer Hits Back

South Africa Dillon Gun

South Africa, once the beloved country with potential for enormous success is no longer so and is turning into a cesspool at an enormous speed and an arms dealer hits back at the security forces. None of the beautiful Constitutional guarantees are functioning anymore. South Africa has turned into Africa’s worst nightmare.

Since 1970 when Mr. Erasmus was involved in the military, it had become abundantly clear to him that there are elements in the government who just want to steal. This is not just an ordinary theft, this is an attempt led by the Intelligence sources. There are people who had instructed the Investigating Officers of the Police to get something against Erasmus and his partners, or else to fabricate something.

The company reported the missing Dillon Gatling gun. It has now transpired that Vanessa Du Toit, the Director Compliance at the National Conventional Arms Committee (NCACC) had effectively stolen the mini-gun. An email was sent to Johan Erasmus on behalf of his company that imported this weapon legally to South Africa.  In this email, Du Toit confirms that she and the National Prosecuting Authority had been reading transcripts of Erasmus’s communications, this all ostensibly without a court order. Erasmus is in possession of a letter from the Inspector General of Intelligence’s Offices in the RSA, (IGI) and it was confirmed that there was no interception of any communications of Erasmus or his partners. He has now referred the matter back to the IGI’s office asking for clarification.

An additional, extremely compelling piece of information became known from the document. Du Toit requested the NPA to arrest Erasmus for stating where the mini-gun is. She confirms that the mini-gun was removed under her instructions. Erasmus states that it is their mini-gun, how can they be arrested for something, which belongs to them. It would appear that Du Toit seems to be confused, (New Generations Arms Management (NGAM) had bought the mini-gun confirmed in letters from SA Special Forces to Dillon in the USA and to the Department of State. Erasmus points out this is what happens every day in the arms industry. The banks from the UK had financed the infamous South African arms deal; they do not have the weapons they financed in the foyers of their offices. This is exactly what NGAM did. However, Du Toit made false affidavits and led a raid by the Police of NGAM’s offices and the homes of its directors. Clearly she has an interest, does this have anything to do with the fact that she had married the Chief Of Staff in Masilela’s time, Matie du Toit?

Despite bringing criminal charges against Du Toit and a Col Smit from SA Special Forces (SASF), nothing has been done until today. However, Smit and Du Toit has been responsible to tarnish Erasmus and NGAM’s names wherever they can, even in the international arena. Erasmus had pointed out that Du Toit and Min Jeff Radebe had done everything in their powers in order to ensure that the contracts and contacts of Erasmus and NGAM be hijacked. Together with Brig General Maphwanya, who, Erasmus alleges to be running their own little corrupt organization in order to steal what is not theirs.

However, the question is where did the missing millions go? Ishikowitz bought ATE (an established company in the aero industry). This company also housed a large number of Intellectual Property aspects relating to the South African Air Force. ATE has now been absorbed into the Paramount Group and operates in productive potential from a cash injection, alleged from the Jordan transaction.

An aspect, which is particularly fascinating, is just how fast these people get their National Conventional Arms Committee (NCACC) permits. The NCACC is a cabinet committee established under Act 41 of 2002 in order to regulate the arms industry pertaining to conventional weapons. This committee is a cabinet committee, which approves or declines permit applications related to this industry. The Directorate Conventional Arms Control, referred to as the Secretariat, supports the committee. This secretariat falls under the Department of Defense and is responsible for the logistics support to the NCACC. Complaints had been doing the round for years that the NCACC and the DCAC are a hindrance to the industry. These departments are in effect destroying jobs due to their prolonged delays and intimidation. Furthermore, the ministers on this committee are also eyeing and diverting any business their way once they have taken a fancy to any such business.

The mini-gun is missing, this in an environment which is politically highly charged. Du Toit is influenced and on several occasions had claimed she was under command, however the question would be who gave the instructions. One of the members of the Special Forces confirmed under oath in court documents, that he is under instruction to go behind NGAM’s back in order to steal the contracts and contacts of the company.

Erasmus found that taking any complaint this route is nothing but a waste of time. He also learned that the Intelligence Services had more to say via such Nikodemus like actions. Erasmus reports that clients and suppliers all report that they receive calls and visits from military type goons, threatening them of dealing with Erasmus and NGAM. Erasmus and his co-directors have not been charged, although all their equipment was stolen due to the falsehood affidavits were used to obtain warrants in order to seize their equipment. These people do not adhere to court orders. Military and Intelligence types alike, they are hell-bent on stealing. For the first time, they have now encountered someone who comes from a similar background to themselves and who has extensive networks. They had set in place a network and a brace of lies  as they had become so used that  nobody would stand up to them. Erasmus was an Intelligence operative; he was the man on the ground in Kinshasa, Zaire in 1988 when the Angolan peace accord was signed in Brazzaville, just over the river. Pik Botha, the Minister Foreign Affairs and Glen Babb, from the Department of Foreign Affairs remained in contact with him during this process.

Erasmus alleges that Vanessa Du Toit, who has no knowledge of the political minefield into which she had stepped, is responsible for the missing Dillon mini-gun. It has been throughout her contention that she has the information of all the wrongdoings of the various Ministers and their friends in the NCACC and that she would use it as it suits her. Erasmus the arms dealer is hitting back at the security industry as South Africa loses the title of a beloved country.

Opinion by Laura Oneale

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