Disney Says No Support to Boy Scouts Who Reject Gay Leaders [Video]

Disney Stops Funding the Boys Scouts OrganizationIn 2015 Walt Disney World will no longer provide funding to the Boy Scouts of America due to their position on gay leaders. The Boy Scouts recently adjusted their policy to include access to homosexual boys but have failed to lift the ban on gay leaders.

Boy Scouts spokesman, Deron Smith, says the Boy Scouts of America Organization is disappointed by Disney’s decision to cease funding. Smith said Disney does not provide the organization any direct funding but it donates finances to some of their troops in exchange for volunteer hours which are completed by employees of Disney.

The decision of Disney will affect the Boy Scout’s ability to serve children, according to Smith who also said his organization believes every child deserves the chance to be a part of the Scouting experience.

A Boy Scout council based in Orlando, Florida alerted local troops to Disney’s decision. The memo, which the president of that local chapter issued, was posted on Scouts for Equality’s website. The Scouts for Equality is an organization which does not support the Boy Scouts’ ban against allowing gay troop leaders. The goal of Scouts for Equality is to end all discrimination within the Boy Scouts organization.

Scouts for Equality celebrated Disney’s decision to withhold funding from Boy Scouts of America’s Central Florida Council until the organization decides to allow full inclusion. Zach Wahls, Eagle Scout and Scouts for Equality co-founder, admits they are not happy for Scouting to suffer but wholly support Disney’s decision.

Scouts for Equality which was established in 2012 will continue to advocate against the Boys Scouts organization until it adopts a fully inclusive policy for membership. They want to help build a stronger community of Scouts that will become eligible for Corporate America’s support. Scouts for Equality has influenced seven major corporate sponsors to cease partnerships with the Boy Scouts such as Caterpillar, Merck, Lockheed Martin, Major League Soccer, UPS, Intel and Walt Disney World.

The Boy Scouts of America lifted their ban on gay youth acceptance last year after the organization, on a national level, voted to include openly homosexual boys into its “society.”

The organization voted in May 2013 to change its policy against the homosexual community of boys but did not alter its position on adult gays from becoming troop leaders. Although no youth will be turned away because of their sexual orientation as it stands currently adult gays will not be allowed.

Heaps of momentum have been gained in the homosexual community within social and political realms of society. Many people, including celebrities and politicians, have made public statements concerning their love for other same-sex individuals. Others in society who are professed heterosexuals have pledged their loyalty and support for those in the gay community and are pushing for equal rights for all humanity.

The homosexual community is taking the world by storm and doing whatever it takes to get their message of love, equality, justice and tolerance to the masses. They are no longer in hiding but are hitting avenues such as magazines, online communication and public marches head on. They are tired of being viewed with a negative “eye” and instead want to be welcomed and accepted into society with open arms.

A number of bills have been introduced from multiple states in America from politicians who support the gay community. They are fighting to have them protected by law and so far have been successful with issues surrounding schools, employers and other sects. Within the near future it could possibly bleed over into the Boys Scouts of America Organization.

The Walt Disney Company will no longer provide funding to the Boy Scouts of America organization starting in 2015 due to their policy which forbids gay adult leaders in the organization. The Boy Scouts removed the restriction on gay youth last year, but the ban on gay adult leaders yet remains.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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