Islamabad Terror Strike


A terror strike in Islamabad left 13 people killed, including a judge, and over 30 people injured. According to police reports, a twin suicide bomb attack was set off on Islamabad court premises. Two masked individuals entered the court by throwing two hand grenades and then opened indiscriminate fire on all those present and finally blew themselves up. At the crime scene, human body parts and pieces of glass, wood and concrete were splattered all around.

As soon as there is as much of a hint of ceasefire on part of the Taliban, a suicide attack or any other terror strike takes place and the situation, which desperately needs to move forward again, reverts to square one. The situation has reached a stage where even Imran Khan, the chairman of PTI and the most vociferous supporter of peace talks with Taliban, has vowed to pick up arms against the Taliban if the present impasse persists any longer.

The twin suicide bomb explosion in Islamabad clearly proves two points. One, as the Taliban (specifically TTP) has not accepted responsibility for the bomb attack on Islamabad court premises, there are rogue elements within the rank and file of Taliban that do not want peace.  Two, this also goes a long way toward proving that not all factions of Taliban are under the control of TTP.  This is a disturbing scenario, because if not TTP, then who is pulling the strings?

The involvement of the Indian Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) and Mosad of Israel cannot be ruled out. The former is especially active in the insurgency-hit province of Baluchistan. Since creation, Pakistan and India have fought three wars and it goes without saying that the Indians want Pakistan to bleed to annihilation. The same is true as far as Israel is concerned. According to Israel, Pakistan is a rogue state whose very existence the Israeli authorities view as inimical to their survival.

The recent terror strike in Islamabad may well have been carried out by either of these spy agencies. The fact of the matter is that Pakistan, because of its geo-strategic location, is a thorn in the sides of many nations. The Russian KGB is also a stakeholder here, especially because of the presence of American CIA in the region.

Today would otherwise have been a happy one, as the Pakistani cricket team defeated the Indian cricket team last night. The victory would inevitably have been marked by distribution of sweets and an auspicious occasion for song and dance, but instead, it has been turned into a day of mourning by the cowardly and dastardly act from an anti-Pakistan entity. The suicide bomb attacks that have rocked Islamabad also prove negligence and inefficiency of Pakistani security agencies. Such a situation cannot go on indefinitely, and soon a solution needs to be found. Otherwise,  the very existence of Pakistan is at stake.

The daily deteriorating law-and-order situation is a cause of grave concern and needs to be addressed as soon as possible by the government. If it cannot afford to provide security to its citizens, as the twin suicide bomb attacks in Islamabad showed, the present government has no excuse to prolong its stay in power.

By Iftikhar Tariq Khanzada

The Times of India

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