South Park The Stick of Truth Secrets and Summons Guide [Video]

South Park and The Stick of Truth Secrets and Summons

After multiple delays Obsidian Entertainment, South Park Digital Studios, and Ubisoft have finally released South Park: The Stick of Truth and boy did it make a splash. Receiving positive reviews or better around the board, this reference spewing machine has proven it isn’t simply another sloppy South Park Game. This game is not only dripping with references, but also a large number of secrets that are sure to please fans in and out of battle.

Yes, the game is drenched in references. Making an easter egg list for this game would seem pointless because the majority of items and events in The Stick of Truth are making references to some episode or another. Besides, that is the charm of the game, discovering reference after reference after reference. With that being said, this guide will not necessarily point out easter eggs, but point out some of the secrets you may have missed. To start with here a few secrets/ fun things to do around South Park.

Throughout the game you’ll likely encounter the collectible chinpokomon. There are 30 in total, one of which can be missed forever if not found at a certain point. For all the chinpokomon locations check the bottom of the article of a link or check out this video.

Making Friends
Another collectible aspect of South Park: The Stick of Truth is making friends. More friends means more perks along with a trophy/ achievement for finding all friends. As with the chinpokomon, if certain friends are missed the opportunity is lost. For a full guide check below or check out this video.

Lost Woods
The lost woods are not as frightening as they may seem. Canada can be reached through the woods by simply heading north for four consecutive screens. Similarly, to leave the lost woods head south for four consecutive screens. If you’d like a nice boost to your Facebook friends list (12 woodland friends) you can search the lost woods from the woodland creatures (who are into some freaky stuff if you don’t know). To find the furry friends follow these directions:
1. East
2. North
3. East
4. South
5. East
Also, if you spend too much time aimlessly wandering in the lost woods your parents will appear and ground you to your room. Which really just means you’ve been successfully teleported out of the lost woods.

Depending on your location South Park: The Stick of Truth has a few moments of censorship. Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, and Austria for example all have some form of censorship, Germany being the one to lose a total of seven scenes. However, for the in the USA you have nothing to worry about, this version is entirely uncensored (prepare yourself).

Within the charming town of South Park you can discover a number of different summons to call upon in battle. Summons can only be used once a day. Each new day summons can be revisited to regain the summon ability. When any of these are used they basically get you a free victory although, they cannot be used in boss battles. These summons can be obtained in any order but you have to wait until you have gained access to the sewers to get Mr. Hankey.
Tong Lu Kim (City Wok Owner)
Mr. Slave
Mr. Hankey
To obtain Tong Lu Kim you must accept his quest to clean the Tower or Peace of all Mongolian Children. Mr. Slave joins you after you complete his quest of retrieving his package from the post office. Mr. Hankey can be found in the sewer, if you rescue his three children he will lend you his (stinky) hand in battle. Finally, Jesus. To find him simply talk to Priest Maxi and then look in the church of Jesus. He can be found between some benches on the right side of the church. After that you need to find him again. Return to the church at a different time and move the lights onto the cross to find Jesus again and have him lend his help. Sadly Towelie is not a summon, he isn’t even in the game actually (other than loading screens).

Extra Notes
Certain aspects in the game can be revisited once certain powers have been gained for more secrets. For example, when you gain the ability to shrink yourself you can return to the bank and kill the banker for some extra dough. Anytime you encounter rats blocking your path remember they can be scattered with the Dragonshout spell. Going into the woods by Stark’s Pond enters you into the lost woods. Sadly, there is no post-game, but you can still finish older quests such as finding ManBearPig or helping the underpants gnomes.

South Park: The Stick of Truth is certainly not the first South Park game, but it is the most faithful and fun rendition yet. The gang has tried first-person shooters, tower defense, and now turn-based RPG action. Simply enjoying the music in businesses or dropping in at the movie theater make the South Park experience a blast. Do you think a previous South Park game held more references or fun? Feel free to comment or add your own secrets or fun events you noticed around town.

By Garrett Jutte
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