Sri Lanka Hiring: Seeks New Hangman After the Previous One Got Cold Feet


According to Commissioner-General of Prisons Chandrarathna Pallegama, Sri Lanka is currently hiring; the country is seeking a new hangman after the previous one got cold feet when seeing the gallows. Although the nation has not carried out executions since 1976, it still has over 400 people on death row, so an executioner must be ready in case the hangings continue. Within a year after the previous executioner received a job as prison guard, three recruits abandoned this position. In 2004, the death penalty was reinstated for murder, drug trafficking and rape.

Following the pattern set by India in 2011, when the country was seeking a hangman, Sri Lanka is now hiring a new executioner after the previous one got cold feet about murdering people when seeing the gallows, so he announced his superiors that he wanted to resign through a letter. Commissioner-General of Prisons Chandrarathna Pallegama told BBC that the unnamed recruit who decided not to report for training anymore seemed scared when seeing the gallows after several days of training. Pallegama told AFP that Sri Lanka is now facing a delicate situation, since there is no hangman to fill in the job. Although the former executioner, who received a job as prison guard did not have to carry out any execution, the recruit did not want to hear and abandoned the position that other two people  left behind in the course of one year.

Job Description

Pallegama stated that he would offer the reportedly 40-year-old recruit one month to reconsider his decision, after which new applications are announced through a government gazette. Even if the job description means that the hangman must be responsible for the death of hundreds of inmates, the one who was promoted only did clerical work, so people should not get cold feet about this position.

The job pays $85 per month, but since no one was executed since 1976, the position does not involve killing people.

After the previous hangman was promoted, 176 applicants wished to take his place, but so far, all three recruits left the job unauthorized. The last one to leave his job is reported to have been among the top three selected, but a new process could be made if he does not come back. For now, Sri Lanka does not have an executioner, which means that if the hanging is resumed, the prison will not be able to comply with the demands.

Hanging Around the Globe

Sri Lanka is hiring and, according to Commissioner-General of Prisons Chandrarathna Pallegama, it seeks a new hangman after the previous one got cold feet and resigned. However, this nation is not the only one to have death penalty by hanging; Japan uses the same method to kill its inmates and Iran already executed over 500 people last year.

One country with a different death penalty is Indonesia, which uses the firing squad; this means that the prisoner is taken to a field where 12 gunman wait for him. Out of the total, only three have live ammunition and the other nine have rifles with blanks so that the inmate does not know who killed him.

Sri Lanka is currently hiring; the country is seeking a new hangman after the previous one got cold feet and decided to leave the job unoccupied.

By Gabriela Motroc


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