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Before Jared Pobre ran into the love of his life, she was not the marring type, but as of Saturday evening Stacey Keibler is married. It took place in what most women would call a little slice of heaven. Her boyfriend and her took their vows at sunset on Mexico Beach. It was a surprise to the family that was already on vacation there prior to the engagement. How special is this moment to Keibler, well she will tell you how there are not words to describe her happiness. She proclaimed that Jared is her handpicked soul mate. Therefore, it had to be exciting for them to plan their wedding together.

With this being a surprise wedding the question lingers about how much planning really went into it, because the element of surprise cuts out a lot of other factors. In the planning of an average scheduled wedding there seem to be countless things to do before the big day. Some of the most stressful things such as creating a guest list, booking a church, and flying in family were written off by these two. They were determined to do it their way, according to a recent statement, they wanted it to be intimately special.

Stacey Kiebler married is the last thing she would predict to see in a headline written about herself some month’s prior. In fact, she was reported as saying how she is not like most women and not considering marriage at this time. Some can only guess that response was a direct result of her recent break up with George Clooney. After all, a harsh breakup can taint anyone’s perspective on love. Nevertheless, she remained open to exploring something with her longtime friend Jared Pobre.

Marriage is the everlasting bond between love and friendship. That was a statement taken from Keibler in a recent interview. It is interesting how quickly she changed her pessimistic perception of love and marriage. According to, those close to the star Pobre changed her mind when they began dating last fall. Apparently it only took a season to heal her broken heart. Now the two are joined in marital bliss as man and wife.

Although, Stacey Keibler never thought about getting married in the past she had to be aware of the fact that she was not getting any younger. The idea of aging alone is enough to redirect any woman’s thoughts on relationships in its self. At the mature age of 34-years-old, the though had to of cross her mind once or twice.  Though, it was probably not the very reason she gave Pobre a chance, it more than likely played a small role in her decision.

Jared Pobre the successful 39 –year -old CEO of Future Ads, undoubtedly had many options. However, he ultimately chose to follow his heart, which led him to his love day with Keibler. That was well worth what it took to get there. In their eyes it was a blend of natural beauty, overwhelming love and romance. The couple can only hope their marriage becomes half as beautiful as the sight of them actually getting married.

By: Schelett Rickenbacker

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  1. Christine   March 9, 2014 at 2:14 pm

    Congratulations to her, but do you have someone to proofread these articles? Quite a few grammer and spelling mistakes..

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