Stealing From the Kardashians: Theft Under Investigation

Stealing from the Kardashians

Police still have no suspects in the theft cases that are under investigation surrounding the Kardashians but a new theory has now come up stating that the people who are stealing from the Kardashians may just be a member of their camera crew. That’s right, police are starting to investigate the possibility that the thefts are an inside job and the top suspects on the list seem to be around the Kardashians the most. So which crew member is swiping hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Last month Kourtney Kardashian reported that an estimated $50,000 is cash was taken from her home in Calabasa. She and boyfriend Scott Disick had just put the house up for sale one month earlier, but whoever was stealing from the Kardashians did not stop there. After Khloe decided to divorce Lamar Odom and put her house up for sale (which is now being purchased by Kaley Cuoco and new husband) she experienced a robbery, as well leaving the Kardashians to wonder if these to crimes were coincidence or a planned burglary?

From Khloe’s home in Tarzana the thieves stole $250,000 worth of jewelry. Watches, gold chains, and other fine items were stolen from Khloe’s collection and reported to police on March 3rd. At first Khloe suspected that some of Lamar’s linked drug dealers had completed the heist because of the rumors that Lamar owed them money. Because the house was being worked on to prepare for the sale, contractors were also suspected by police.

But now police have moved further into the investigation and are now under a new assumption of who is stealing from the Kardashians. Police have reason to believe that the theft was possibly done by one of the members of the camera crew. Police have stated that their reason for believing the theft was an inside job is the fact that there was no sign of forced entry and due to the nature of the crimes the perpetrator had to know what they were looking for and where to find it. The fact is that the items stolen were very specific and of course the items were not out in the open. Who would find stealing from the Kardashians easier than the people who work closely with the Kardashians every day? The fact that the Kardashians work with the same people may make their assets an easy target.

All of the crew members are currently being questioned about the crimes but so far police have said that no one is admitting to or giving up information about either one of the crimes.

These crimes may cause a bit of stress for the Kardashians, especially Kourtney and Khloe, but it certainly will not keep them down. In fact, at the time that the thieves stole jewelry from Khloe she posted on Twitter that someone was going to get a lot of “bad Karma coming their way.” The reaction of the family to these thefts has promised that the culprit, once found out, will certainly get justice. But until the thieves are brought to justice the show will continue to go on and the Kardashians are promising to continue shelling out loads of entertainment for Kardashian fans.

The thefts continue to be under investigation by police, who are searching for the thieves of a $300,000 heist that was stolen from the Kardashians. Until then fans are constantly waiting to see what the Kardashians will do next.

By Crystal Boulware

Los Angeles Times
Global Grind

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  1. Italiangirl   March 13, 2014 at 2:02 pm

    I hope the next thing that crazy family will do is GO AWAY AND STAY AWAY!

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