Sting and Paul Simon Still Got It

Lately there have been so many appearances and concerts of long-lost musicians trying to make a comeback, a buck or just trying to stay (somehow) relevant. Just last week The Beach Boys appeared on the Queen Latifah show performing a very sad rendition of their old hit Fun, Fun, Fun. It seems like some of the seasoned musicians just don’t know when to call it quits. Sting and Paul Simon, however, proved that they still got it when they performed at a double, headlining concert in Toronto, on Saturday night.

The show, aptly named On Stage Together, brought the two famous musicians to share the platform and swap out lyrics to each others hits. When dealing with Stinglike friends, had played at a charity event together and enjoyed it so much that the idea for this tour was born.

The two bands together totalled a number of 14 as the concert kicked off with the duo performing Stings hit Brand New Day. The two friends continued with Simons Boy in the Bubble, followed by Stings Fields of Gold. The two vocalists joked a little between sets, Simon saying he hoped that the experience of playing with Stinglike.” Sting, standing there in his skinny jeans and svelte body, in response to Simons question of “How do you think you will change?” smiled and answered, “I think I’ll just stay the same.” Though Stingit was Simon who definitely gave most of the upbeat vibe throughout the show.

After the comedic exchange, Sting was left alone on stage and sang out songs from back in the days with The PoliceSongs included Message In A Bottle, The Hounds Of Winter, Englishman In New York, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic and the all time smash hit, Roxanne.

When Simon returned to the stage, he had an unpredictable, upbeat and energetic vibe to his performance. Singing his classics like Me and Julio Down By The Schoolyard, 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover, Graceland and That Was Your Mama. The two solo songs of Simons that really shook the stadium were his renditions of You can Call me Al and Diamonds On The Soul Of Her Shoes.

Of course the best was saved for last. When the two famous artists returned for the encore, they brought the house down. Starting with Bridge Over Troubled Water (a Simon and Garfunkel favorite), to Stings Every Breath You Take, followed by Late in The Evening and ending with When Will I Be Loved.

There is nothing worse than going to a concert of a musician that you have admire and listened to all of your life only to find that age has also caught up with them. However last nights concert definitely did not disappoint, having everyone leaving feeling great and knowing that Sting and Paul Simon, two of the rare oldies, that, still got it.  So if you are a fan of either of these two legends, make a point to catch the show.  It certainly will not disappoint.

Opinion by Derik L. Bradshaw

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    This article’s writer really needs to work on his punctuation and grammar. Some parts of the article are confusing and require editing for concise clarification.

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