Target Breach Will Become a Cyber Thriller

target The 2013 Target breach that infringed upon private financial information of millions of customers will become a cyber thriller on the big screen. In the cyber attack, the hackers seized personal and bank card information of more than 110 million customers. Making it the largest consumer hacking theft in the country while tainting Target’s image. The biggest mystery of the elaborate scam is who pulled it off, having the U.S. Secret Service and law enforcement agencies gathering intelligence to solve the crime.

Sony Pictures Entertainment has recently confirmed that a movie is in the works based on an article written about Brian Krebs, the security blogger who unmasked the Target breach. Sony has purchased the movie rights of the New York Times article about Krebs. The article, Reporting From the Web’s Underbelly, was penned by Nicole Perlroth and describes how Kreb’s blog about cyber crime has caused criminals to hack him frequently, sent packages of excrement and drugs to his home and accused him of murder. The former Washington Post reporter keeps a 12-guage shotgun at his side because he has received numerous threats. With this kind of real-life drama, Hollywood could easily turned the cyber crime blogger’s story into a blockbuster.

Krebs started his blog, Krebs On in 2009, when he was terminated by the Washington Post because he did not want to broadened his journalism repertoire beyond cyber crime. A former colleague of his stated that what Brian does would terrify most mainstream newsroom editors. Krebs has the appearance of an average, mild-mannered preppy but has garnered the attention of some pretty unsavory characters. The 41 year-old taught himself Russian when he was 12 years-old, which is the native language of most cyber criminals and many of the exploits he exposes are from criminals of Eastern Europe. Krebs is an independent investigative reporter who works from his home in Annandale, Va. and uncovers the sinister Web world of hackers, cyber criminals, malware and hijacked data. Krebs has been blogging about cyber attacks and network security issues for years. His claim to fame was divulging information about the December 2013 Target security breach and he has consistently broken news of how the attack was executed on the Minneapolis-based retailer’s network system.

Krebs wrote on his blog that the development of the movie was a complete surprise to him and he was amused that Hollywood would want to make a film about his life and dull work. He also added that it would delight him to have some influence on choosing the leading man and he has been told that he looks like Jim Carrey and Guy Pearce, but he would prefer his favorite actor, Edward Norton for the role. He still has not discuss the specifics of the film project with Sony yet. A Sony spokeswoman has said that the production date has not been determined, the cyber thriller will be written by Richard Wenk, a screenwriter and director whose resume includes, The Mechanic, The Expendables 2, The Equalizer and is currently working on a film project with Denzel Washington, who plays a former black ops commando.

The biopic might make the arcane world of network security seem more glamorous. To no surprise, Target has not made any comments of the planned cyber thriller flick, which will dramatize the company’s breached network security system.

By Isriya Kendrick

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