Taylor Swift’s Stalker Scare

Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift has suffered a stalker scare. The country and western singer has had to put a restraining order on 33-year-old Timothy Sweet, who believes that the two are married and has threatened to kill anyone who gets in the way of their union. Sweet is reported to have to have been stalking Swift since 2011.

Sweet has sent Swift love letters and posted about their love on social media networks. Of far greater concern though, has been his threat to kill anyone who comes between himself and Swift, including senator John Kerry. Sweet said he would carry a gun to protect the star with whom he claimed to live with in Beverley Hills in a respectful and dignified marriage. Swift has said she has no desire to interact with Sweet and that his phone calls and messages have disturbed her. Sweet has been ordered to stay 100 meters away from the singer.

The order comes just a couple of weeks after a fan stormed the stage and came right up close to her face during a concert in London. The fan, a young male, did not do the star any harm and was led quickly off the stage. The worrying thing though is  how he got so close to the star. Taylor Swift’s stalker scare will have her fans worried, too.  Swift, who has sold over 26 million albums and has 39.5 million fans is one of the world’s most popular singers. Swift is also a Hollywood celebrity, dating film stars such as Taylor Lauter and featured on Magazine covers all over the world, making her a prime target for obsessed fans.

Taylor Swift’s stalker scare is one of many in the Entertainment world’s history, none more tragic than the death of John Lennon at the hands of Mark David Chapman. Jodie Foster’s stalker attempted to assassinate Ronald Reagan. And in 1995, Robert D. Hoskins was shot by a bodyguard after climbing into Madonna’s Hollywood home. Andrea Evans, who played Tina Clayton on One Life to Live was stalked for over a decade, a period in which, like Swift, her stalker claimed he was married to her. Luckily for Swift, she has not experienced anything as traumatic as Evans did, the actress’ stalker slashing his wrists outside the studios where she worked. And more recently, and closer to home for Swift, close friend Selena Gomez recently had to file a restraining order against a man who told his therapist he wanted to kill the young star.

How Taylor Swift’s stalker scare will affect the 24-year-old star is something fans will follow with interest. Stalking is an emotional crime which can have long-term traumatic effects on its victims. Frustration, guilt, embarrassment, blame, panic attacks and personality changes as the victim becomes more suspicious of people can be some of the psychological side-effects. Fans will hope that the star, who seems to have remained relatively unscathed despite her youthful fame and press interest in her romantic life, will recover from the stalker scare and stay the same upbeat, bubbly presence she has proven to be in the Music industry.

Commentary by Christian Deverille


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