The 1985 Arcade Classic Gauntlet Remake Headed to Steam This Summer [Video]

Classic Arcade Gauntlet gets remade

It is almost time to delve into the golden era of Atari arcade games. The legendary series Gauntlet had a good number of sequels, but it all started in one place. The 1985 arcade classic Gauntlet is being remade and will be releasing via Steam. It looks to feature online as well as local multiplayer and is coming this summer. Luckily, you won’t have to dish out quarter after quarter to keep playing, try not to shot the food though.

For those unfamiliar, Gauntlet defined dungeon crawlers in the arcade era. The game offers the player the choice to choose from a Warrior, Valkyrie, Wizard, and Elf (which is a race not a class but whatever, it was the 80’s). The Warrior does the most damage, Wizard has the most powerful spells, Valkyrie has best defense, and Elf has the most speed. Each character is good in their own right and has a craving for exploring.

In this new rendition of Gauntlet the same four characters will be present however, their skills have been slightly expanded. It looks like close range combat may play a slightly bigger role than in the past. This trailer shows off some of the new moves they will be sporting along with a beautiful rendition of some baddy bunched dungeons.

Arrowhead Game Studios will be taking control of this Gauntlet remake. The company doesn’t have a lot of games under their belt, but they do have experience with this type of game. In 2011 they released Magicka for the PC. Magicka holds a number of similarities to Gauntlet such as having four player multiplayer and a heavy focus on distanced combat.

This Gauntlet remake will be the first game in the WB Games Vault portfolio and they intend for it to be “a fresh, yet true to the original, take on a multiplayer masterpiece.” Great news indeed, but if they want this game to be as successful as they would hope they need to deliver it to the fans in more than one way. Gauntlet is a classic, remaking it sounds mighty difficult, especially if they intend to stay “true to the brand’s legendary format.”

Unfortunately, this Gauntlet remake is currently only headed to PC via Steam (which means it is currently only set for digital distribution). The PlayStation 4 as well as the Xbox One could certainly make use of some four player local arcade madness as both game libraries are still fairly small. This also means that PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 probably won’t be receiving this funtastic title either. Maybe if the success of this Gauntlet remake goes well Arrowhead could create their own sequel (one can hope).

The classic 1985 original Gauntlet is heading to Steam looking redone and ready for action. This title does not have a specific release date yet but it is said to come out this summer. For all those classic arcade dungeon crawlers, prepare yourself for a some ghoul slaying goodness, but try not to eat all the food this time okay?

By Garrett Jutte
INC Gamers
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