‘The Bachelor’: Juan Pablo Does It Again


The 18th season of The Bachelor may not be for romantics, because Juan Pablo Galavis has done it again. After the drama surrounding the tweets in which he used the word “retard” and the anti-gay remarks that sprinkled this show with countless twists, the grand finale proved to be disappointing for all the parts included, except for Juan Pablo. The 32-year-old single dad attracted the viewers’ disapproval when he hooked up with women instead of looking for his soulmate, and some ended up believing that he may be the worst bachelor, judging from his behavior in the last episode. Having to choose between Nikki Ferrell, the pediatric nurse, and Clare Crawley, the hairstylist, he chose the back door.

The Bachelor’s 18th season did not lack the drama, but Juan Pablo did it again when he did not want to offer the Neil Lane engagement ring to any of the finalists. Although he chose Ferrell, he told her that he is not ready to marry her and asked her to continue dating. At the same time, Crawley offered the viewers an intense moment when she walked away, accusing the bachelor that he only wanted her for the physical pleasure. The explosive moment came to an end when Juan Pablo expressed his relief that he did not choose Crawley. The finalist later confessed that the Venezuelan bachelor told her something that “no woman wants to hear,” but he spilled the beans that he did not know her that well and the only connection they shared was a physical one.

Juan Pablo was previously a contestant on The Bachelorette, but he was among the first ones to be sent home by Desiree Hartsock. His refusal to put a ring on any of the finalists’ fingers was not a first; Brad Womack, season one’s bachelor did not want to choose any of the finalists, but he proposed to Emily Maynard three years later, in his second season.

What differentiates Pablo from Womack and attracted the viewers’ criticism is that the former chose to date Ferrell, but he refused to say whether he loved her or not. The first non-Caucasian to star in The Bachelor also attracted criticism from a former star of the show, Catherine Giudici, who told Pablo that he belittled the show’s process and hurt Ferrell’s feelings with his actions.

“Don’t slap the hand that fed you,” Giudici told the bachelor.

Sean Lowe, Giudici’s soulmate, told the Venezuelan bachelor that postponing the engagement moment might mean that he has not found love yet.

Dancing with the Stars sources stated that Juan Pablo was initially considered to compete on the show, but after he did it again and tweeted anti-gay remarks , the insider claimed that he was “no longer wanted.”

In January, the single dad stated that a gay or lesbian version of the famous show would not be fitting for children to watch, because they are “more pervert in a sense.” He later offered a formal apology, but he also mentioned that the comments were taken out of the context. The 18th season of The Bachelor was sprinkled with drama and hurtful comments, but Juan Pablo did it again during the grand finale, when he stated that he was not ready to get married, and he wanted the keep dating Nikki Ferrell, the pediatric nurse.

By Gabriela Motroc


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