‘The Boondocks’ Returns With Season 4 Without Aaron McGruder [Video]

The Boondocks returns April 21, 2014The Boondocks is set to return to Adult Swim with season four on April 21, 2014. This animated series which is based on creator Aaron McGruder’s comic strip will return without any involvement from McGruder. Many are wondering how this will affect the fans in lieu of McGruder being the show’s main creative force.

The Boondocks is a series which surrounds two young boys from the South Side of Chicago who have been forced into a new suburbanized lifestyle with their grandfather in Woodcrest, Illinois. Although there are many characters that have made this series the hit that it has grown to become, the three main characters are Huey Freeman, Riley Freeman and their grandfather Robert Jebediah Freeman.

The older brother, Huey, is a militant afro centric young boy around 10-years-old. Huey always attempts to be the moral compass and voice of reason for the family. He is a very intelligent young man who is wise beyond his years. Huey is an advocate for justice and is heavily influenced by various theories of social justice leaders and left-wing social movements.

Huey is often teased and criticized by his family members for having values and goals which supersede the culture of the area they came from. This little guy is openly contemptuous of African-Americans who are constantly portrayed for glamorizing ignorance, self-defeating lifestyles and wasteful extravagance. Huey is a skilled martial artist who takes no mess from anyone.

Next there is the outspoken, trouble-making younger brother Riley. He is the total opposite of his older brother. Riley follows contemporary African-American pop culture enthusiastically. He is artistically gifted, charming and like Huey, very bright. Riley is very loyal to the culture that he came from even when maintaining allegiance proves to be self-destructive.

Riley works hard to appear hardcore but often seems to leak a portion of his softer side. Although Riley is more skilled in street fighting he and his older brother make a great team when they have to work together against a common enemy.

Finally there is the infamous granddad, Robert Jebediah Freeman, who is the legal guardian of these two young boys. Granddad often blows up with tirades of angry frustration over the way his grandsons manage to “aggravate” or upset his world.

Granddad is a huge fan of the values of an African-American generation long gone. There is hardly an episode that airs when he is not threatening to “beat” his grandsons because of some scheme they have found themselves in. Even though he does not always carry his threat to fruition he has been known to swing the belt with many successful lands on their bottoms.

This fourth and final season returns without McGruder but has retained John Witherspoon as the voice of Granddad along with Regina King as the voices of Huey and Riley.

Fans have long-awaited a new season but are unsure how it will move forward without its creator. The Boondocks is a spoof or satirical show based on McGruder’s view of “Black Reality.” He is very distinct and deliberate with his portrayal of what his experience has been. His views speak to a culture of loyal and longtime fans.

The Peabody Award-winning series The Boondocks is set to return to Adult Swim for its fourth and final Season on April 21, 2014. This animated series which is based on creator Aaron McGruder’s comic strip will return without any involvement from McGruder. If it fails to meet the standard its fans have grown to love they, no doubt, will be certain to make their voices heard.


By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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    um…. woodcrest is not in California, its in Illinois

    • Cherese Jackson   March 26, 2014 at 12:58 pm

      Thanks, not sure why I had Woodcrest, California on my brain (that is a real place) but you are definitely right! Change noted – thanks again

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  3. Boondockaholic   March 24, 2014 at 6:04 pm

    You guys might want to see this, the executive producer for the show is also reportedly not involved.


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