The Giver Debut Movie Trailer

The GiverLois Lowry’s, The Giver, has made its movie trailer debut. This known dystopian young adult novel of the mid 90’s has finally come to screen with such notable faces as Oscar-winning Jeff Bridges, starring as the Giver himself; Meryl Streep, as the Chief Elder; Katie Holmes and Alexander Skarsgard star as Jonas’ parents; Brenton Thwaites as Jonas; and Taylor Swift as Rosemary. This long-awaited film adaptation debuted its movie trailer Wednesday March 19th on Today. According to USA Today, this film has been in development for the past fifteen years, and is just in time to add to one’s bucket list of novel film adaptation of the year (such as Suzanne Collins Mockingjay film adaptation and the recent Veronica Roth’s Divergent film adaptation).

This movie version of Lowry’s classic science fiction thriller is directed by Philip Noyce who also has such works as, The Bone Collector, a 90’s thriller starring Angelina Jolie and Denzel Washington. Lowry herself also serves as co-screenwriter to Noyce in this recent film reconstruction.

The trailer opens with the backdrop of Streep, the eerie yet ominous voice of the Chief Elder, as she describes the world of The Giver, “From great suffering… great pain… came a solution. Communities. Where disorder became harmony.” The clip shows a glimpse of the world as both pictures of suffering and harmony are shown as brief shots of hardships of war and that of a blissful couple at a picnic in a park. The trailer then cuts to the voice of Jeff Bridges as he speaks with Thwaites concerning his character, Jonas’, realities of the world and his role within society as the next Receiver of Memory. “The way things look… and the way things are… are very different,” the counselor (Bridges) explains to young Jonas (Thwaites). Finally Bridges states, “I cannot prepare you for what’s going to happen,” right before showing Jonas (Thwaites) what the world beyond perfection holds for him. The trailer gives a look into the world of “sameness” as it is slowly uncovered to be not so pleasant after one’s eyes are open to the other sides of life. According to E Online, the world is portrayed as that of contentment, conformity, and emotions that are suppressed. The decision that Thwaites character faces is that of staying within the world of a shallow community or running into a world of dangers unknown. With either choice audiences are excited to see The Giver’s debut movie trailer and anticipate another great dystopian flick.

According to, the book authors personal website, Lowry describes her books as varying within content and style in which they are written, but she does admits they all deal with similar themes concerning the importance of human connections. Lowry was inspired to write The Giver after a visit with her father while in a nursing home dealing with the loss of his long-term memory. In the novel Lowry pinpoints on the idea of the loss of memory equaling to the loss of pain, however with this loss also comes the loss of human relationships and connections with the past.

Fans of this dystopian novel and those who love to see an all-star cast are  not doubt excited to see the debut of this upcoming film’s movie trailer and anticipate its release. According to USA Today, this film is to release in August 15th of this year.

Opinion By Sarah Widger

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