The Secrets Behind Marilyn Monroe and Kennedy Brothers Sex Tape

Marilyn Monroe
Earlier this month an alleged sex tape with Marilyn Monroe, JFK and brother Robert was said to actually exist. The claim comes from bodyguard William Castleberry, a long time collector of Hollywood memorabilia. Castleberry, who owed a total of $200,000 from a court case against him, had his property seized when the bodyguard could not come up with a $90,000 balloon payment. Miraculously, right before the auction date, Castleberry’s debt was paid off, halting the auction and saving the tape from being exposed or released. The question remains who is this secret savior and who is the champion protecting; Marilyn Monroe or the Kennedy brothers?

Castleberry was sued for selling a fake statue and was ordered to pay $200,000 but was hit with a balloon payment of $90,000. Since Castleberry was unable to pay that amount, the bodyguards Hollywood collection was seized to be sold at auction for the total Castleberry owed. “They demanded a $90,000 payment I couldn’t afford and that is when the sheriff came in,” said the bodyguard, “and seized the sex tape and all of my memorabilia I have been collecting my entire life.” During the time that Castleberry’s home was being plundered by repo men, Ryan Sullivan the lawyer whose clients were the people who had bought the fake statue, found an 8mm canister. “I was able to locate a 8mm film in a canister at the house,” said Sullivan. The canister was then handed over to authorities. Sullivan says that the lawyer has not viewed the tape stating that anything could be on it. “I have no idea what is on the tape,” the lawyer said, “It could be what Mr. Castleberry says, or it could be a Disney cartoon.” Sullivan explained that the only way to know for sure what was on the film was for someone to buy it from auction. Of course that possibility never came to pass.  So who is this invisible angel that payed off Castleberry’s debt in order to keep the Marilyn Monroe and Kennedy brothers sex tape from falling into the wrongs hands?

Castleberry claims that he never showed the tape out of pure respect for Joe DiMaggio, one of Monroe’s famous husbands.  DiMaggio had two red roses sent to Monroe’s grave three times a week for twenty years when the baseball star suddenly discontinued the service. When this happened, Robert Slatzer a big Hollywood producer, said that the producer “will see to it that she has flowers forever.” Slatzer is also the man who claims to have been married to the Some Like It Hot actress for one week. Many are speculating that perhaps the estates of either the two men may have been responsible for paying off Castleberry’s debt to protect the reputation of Monroe and not let the troubled starlet be exposed in death as Monroe had been in life.

Of course the Kennedy clan are the number one candidates for the continuing the cover up. Caroline Kennedy could easily have paid the $200,000 debt in order to safeguard the 56-year-old fathers honor. Not to mention anyone in the government could have stepped in to preserve the Kennedy legacy. Though the affairs between Marilyn, John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy cannot be denied, words are easier to fall silent than a video.

Private Investigator Fred Otash was hired back in the early sixties to record Marilyn’s phone calls and the P.I. claimed that Otash had spied on President Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe while the two were having an affair and claims that Otash recorded the threesome on tape. Otash’s family are the ones that came out and released this information to the public confirming the tapes existence. The sex tape of Marilyn Monroe and the Kennedy brothers shall be left up to the imagination because the secrets that lie behind it were powerful enough to stop the tapes release.

By Derik L. Bradshaw


Daily Mail

2 Responses to "The Secrets Behind Marilyn Monroe and Kennedy Brothers Sex Tape"

  1. Enviro Geologist   November 7, 2014 at 5:00 pm

    I seriously doubt the existence of the tapes and seriously doubt that such a tryst took place. This is mostly likely just a cheap and ugly lie told to generate some publicity.

    Let the poor girl rest in peace.

  2. Jackie   May 5, 2014 at 11:37 pm

    There is no sex tape. This is one of the most outlandish and slanderous rumours to be said about Marilyn. And are we seriously supposed to believe that if it were real this person would keep it to himself ‘out of respect’. If it WERE real and he respected these people that much he would just destroy it and would certainly never mention it.
    Robert Slatzer, by the way, was never a ‘big time’ Hollywood Producer. He did indeed make a big show out of sending roses to Marilyn’s crypt after Joe stopped but the flower shop cancelled his order due to non-payment.


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