The Voice The Blind Auditions Continue Part Two (Review & Videos)

The Voice The Blind Auditions Continue Part Two (Review & Videos) It’s Tuesday, and that must mean that The Voice “The Blind Auditions Continue Part Two” is here! Tonight, more competitors will by vying for one of the remaining spots on the teams of the four coaches/judges, Usher, Blake Shelton, Shakira, and Adam Levine. Will any of the judges fill up his/he team tonight? Find out by reading on!

The host of The Voice, Carson Daly, said that the Blind auditions are about “halfway complete.” Adam and Usher now have 7 team members, while Shakira has 6 and Blake Shelton has just 4. “With the teams filling up, the competitors will have to lay it all on the line,” Carson said.

Megan Ruger from Nashville, Tennessee, is finding it hard to be a rocker in Nashville, but she wants music to be her career. She will be singing “Just Like a Pill” by Pink for her Blind Audition. She has a cool, unique-sounding voice.

She had the audience cheering right from the beginning as she sang. No coaches were turning, until — Usher and Blake both pressed their buttons and turned their chairs! Blake asked her where she lived, and she answered “Nashville.”

Blake: “You DO, do you?”

Adam: “Let these ding-dongs fight over you.”

Blake: “I just like winning.”

Shakira: “You were so electric, and I think you will do just fine with either of these two guys.”

She picked Blake!

Blake claims he likes 80’s rock “a lot,” and perhaps he does. Will Megan be a good fit for Team Blake? Only time will tell!

Morgan Wallen, 24, is next up on The Voice. He calls himself “Just a normal teenage kid.” He sings “Collide.”

Shakira turned her chair around immediately! Usher also turned his chair, a bit later. Dude has a very AWESOME voice! Adam went over and sat on Blake’s lap!

Shakira said: “That’s ANOTHER type of love!”

Usher: You have something that’s very unique. You have the potential to be any type of artist that you want to be, and I’d like you to choose me to be your coach.”

Morgan started to answer: “I’ll have to go with –” when The Voice cut to a commercial break. I HATE when that happens! C’mon, The Voice — what’s up with that?

After the break: “I’m going to have to go with my man, Usher,” Morgan said.

Usher and Shakira did a celebratory Robot Dance. Kind of strange, but kind of cool.

Next up was the Vietnamese singer James Cavern, who was born in England but moved to America with his parents when he was 14. He said “I don’t live lavishly, but I live happily.” He sings “Let’s Get It On.”

GOD, he does a GREAT job! I LOVED his performance of this song — c’mon judges, turn your chairs! But, nobody did!

Adam: “Marvin Gaye — might be one of the best singers ever.”

Usher: “It could not benefit you by going after a Marvin Gaye song, but you have a raspy tone that really was great. Come back.”

Shakira picked up Dani Moz who sang “I Need Your Love” and Music Box, who sang “You Gotta Be.” Blake added high school student Lexi Luca, who sang “Wasting All These Tears.”

Coming up, Carson says, is a singer who has had two brain surgeries and is grateful to be taking center stage on The Voice.

Emily B., 35, says she was introduced to Session Singing by someone at her church. She was about to get married, when she went to an eye doctor, about a growth on her eye or behind it, and was informed by a brain surgeon she was referred to that she needed to have brain surgery.

“It was definitely the most scary moment in my life,” she said. Emily decides to sing “Wicked Game.”

She has a melodious, soaring, beautiful voice. Blake looks like he’s very tempted to push his button; but, Shakira strikes first, then Blake, followed by Usher.

Adam: “Emily, you did a massive job. I was stupid not to turn.” Blake: “I think your falsetto is extraordinarily strong, and you nailed it.”

Shakira: “I was the first to turn! I think I can help you a lot.” Adam: “Listen, Emily — what does your heart tell you?”

Emily B. says: “I think — I’m going to go with Shakira!”

Steven Rosenbaum is the competitor on The Voice following another commercial break. He will be singing “There Goes My Baby” by Usher!

He can really hit the uber high notes; what a COOL voice! Usher hit his button, and turned his chair. He was the only coach to turn his/her chair.

Adam: “I was pretty sure you weren’t a white guy. You’re a WHITE guy!”

Usher: “I was really blown away, because I thought that you were a black guy, too.” Shakira: “You were just perfect. It was dead on!”

Usher: “I do think that there’s a lot we can do together. Are you ready to win this thing?”

Steven: “Yes, Usher!” Next, we saw a bunch of competitors getting turned down by the judges. Then, The Voice went to another commercial break.

Audra McLaughlin was the last performer on The Voice. She had a learning disability when she was younger. Her dad says that she “writes from her heart.” Now, she’s getting a 3.5 GPA and is an the Honor’s List!

She will be singing “Angel From Montgomery” by Bonnie Raitt. Adam turned his chair IMMEDIATELY! Audra has a BEAUTIFUL voice, IMHO! She NAILED this song –Blake finally turned his chair around, also, then Shakira followed and Usher did at the very end! Adam and Blake both gave her a standing ovation!

Shakira: “You’re the one we’ve been waiting for!” Shakira adds “Your voice is out of this world! I’m the Missing Link! I’m the one who can help you get to the top.”

Blake: “My wife introduced me to that song. When you hit the last song — you know the fireworks that go off and spell things? They went off behind you and spelled out ‘Team Blake.'”

She chose Blake Shelton! Blake’s overjoyed — she is the fifth addition to Team Blake. Adam didn’t add anyone to his team this episode of The Voice.

On Twitter, Adam wrote about Blake: “Calm down, drunky pants!”

This was a fast-paced, great episode of The Voice, filled, as usual, with fantastic singing. Nobody has completely filled his/her team up yet, but the spots are rapidly dwindling.

Who do you think has the best team and best chance of winning, so far, on The Voice? Who do you think will fill up his/er team first? Please leave your comments below!


Written by: Douglas Cobb

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  1. Rick   March 5, 2014 at 1:30 pm

    With Blake’s ability to pick songs that bring out the best in his team’s voices, combined with the great voices he’s gained on Tuesday, he has to be favored to win at this point !!!


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