The Walking Dead: Alone – People Who Need People

*May Contain Spoilers*

The Walking Dead: Alone - People Who Need People

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead: Alone begins with Bob Stookey; showing how he existed before running into Daryl and Glenn, this particular segment could be called people who need people as all the protagonists in this episode are in that place of needing one another. The show is still giving Rick, Carl and Michonne a breather as it focusses on Bob, Maggie, Sacha, Beth, and Daryl.

After learning how Bob came to be a member of Rick’s band of ever growing survivors, at least before the prison attack, it shed a little light on just who this alcoholic character is. Glenn and Daryl cautiously approach the solitary Bob and ask the three questions that Rick usually asks. The last glimpse of Bob before the opening credits roll shows his smiling face. He is not alone now.

The next sequence is that one where Maggie, Sacha and Bob are standing in small triangle, back to back, surrounded by fog and the sound of walkers is getting closer. This was shown last week as a teaser for this episode. One walker makes the initial charge at the little group and then they are surrounded. From a melancholy opening to a nail biting attack, all before 10 minutes have gone by in the show.

Moving on to Daryl and Beth, after their bonding with moonshine in last week’s episode, he is teaching her how to track. After, getting caught in a trap and injuring her ankle, Beth needs Daryl more than before to help them move on.

Both the little trio and the Beth and Daryl duo are all about sticking together and making hard decisions. Bob, is still “little Mr. Sunshine” with his constant cheeriness and optimism. Daryl and Beth bond even more when they find a church, or a funeral home, in a cemetery. Clean, stocked with food and deserted, they stay there to let Beth’s ankle heal.

The two disparate members of Rick’s survivors in The Walking Dead: Alone are very different people who need each other, even though it has taken Daryl some time to realise that he does need people. Meanwhile, Maggie, Bob and Sacha are making serious decisions about how to proceed. Maggie wants to head for Terminus, and the idea of looking for this sanctuary bothers Sacha, a lot.

It seems that in the second half of The Walking Dead‘s fourth season the sound of walkers is heard more than they are seen. In the moonshine episode, titled Still Daryl and Beth hide in the trunk of a car and listen as the walkers surround the vehicle they are hiding in and the sound is way too loud and all the more terrifying because, without being able to see them, it sounds like there is a whole horde of walkers around the car.

This week’s episode, has Maggie, Bob and Sacha in a heavy fog with almost zero visibility and before they are attacked the sounds of the zombified dead surround them. Later, after Bob and Sacha spend the night in the derelict remains of a house, they can hear a walker off in the distance and it keeps them both awake.

Conversely, in the funeral home, or church, Beth and Daryl hear nothing but the noise they themselves make. She plays a piano and sings, Daryl becomes more attached to the young girl and when trouble comes, it is silent. It could be said that the theme of unseen walkers sounding like an ever increasing horde, which of course they are, could be secondary to the people who need people theme.

The first show of the second half of season four showed that Carl and Rick need each other; later when Michonne joins the father and son team, it is apparent that she needs them as much as they needed her. Maggie, Bob and Sacha prove that they all need each other. The only thing missing from this display of relationship building between survivors is Tyreese, and the two girls along with Carol and baby Judith. At the end of The Walking Dead: Alone a surprise member of the prison survivors shows up, disturbingly alone after being seen with another small group just a few weeks ago. People who need people applies to all the folks in this week’s show. Even Daryl finds that he needs others as well, although he might have been better off if he hadn’t met this particular group.

By Michael Smith