The Walking Dead: Three Characters Who Will Survive A

The Walking Dead: Three Characters Who Will Survive A

Three characters will definitely survive tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, A — I’ll get to who these are, later. One or more of the other ones, though, might not make it to Season 5.

How many answers to the questions that viewers of The Walking Dead will be revealed in the Season 4 finale, A, on Sunday March 30? Hopefully, all of the answers will be revealed; but, who knows? And, who knows what set of new questions the episode might bring up?

After the Governor attacked the prison where Sheriff Rick and his band of survivors were residing at the midway point of Season 4 of The Walking dead, and the band scattered their more-or-less separate ways, it had been conjectured that they would all eventually meet up at the place called Terminus.

Many of the survivors did meet up there towards the end of the penultimate episode of this season of The Walking Dead, last Sunday, Us. Terminus resembled a hippy commune, enclosed by a surrounding fence and gate, though the gate was, at the time, unlocked.

The survivors, like everyone who presumably managed to make their ways to termins, put to the test the words written on maps and signs about “Those Who Arrive, Survive.”

However, knowing that there will be more seasons of The Walking Dead, and that Robert Kirkman, the show’s creator, has said that this episode will be “shocking,” it’s doubtful that Terminus will be the safe place of refuge that the survivors have been hoping that it will be.

What will Terminus be like, in reality? that has been one of the big questions that fans of The Walking Dead have been pondering. There has been much speculation that the residents there, or at least the person who might be their leader, practices cannibalism, and Sheriff Rick and the other survivors might be about to confront their biggest threat yet.

If so, Terminus will be far from the sanctuary that the survivors are hoping it will be.

Also, it’s been rumored that one or more of the regular characters will be killed off in this episode of The Walking Dead. If that happens, fans have been wondering who might not make it past this episode to the next season. That is another question that has been on the minds of many fans of The Walking Dead.

Sergeant Abraham Ford, along with the scientist Dr. Eugene Porter and the rest of his band, will survive, because at the actors who play Ford and Porter have already signed up to be in Season 5; but, Glenn, Maggie, and/or Tara (or any combination of them) might not make it past this episode. They are the first to arrive at Terminus, along with Bob and Sasha, who were traveling with Maggie.

When they enter the gates of Terminus, to the tune of a folk song, a woman introduces herself as “Mary” and tells someone to “Fix them a plate.” Again, this seemingly innocent request can be taken as an ominous foreshadowing that the particular food might be human meat, and the inhabitants of Terminus might be cannibals.

Another question that many fans of The Walking Dead have been asking is “When will Daryl find Beth?” and another is “Who has kidnapped her?”

It doesn’t seem as if the band that Daryl’s fallen in with, led by Joe, has Beth, or he probably would have found that out by now and he’d have done his best to free her and make good their escape.

Could it be that some group of people at Terminus kidnapped her, and that they set up the booby-trapped house Daryl and Beth were in, to possibly get fresh meat, if they are cannibals? That is hopefully not the case, because I don’t want that fate to befall Beth or any of the other characters of The Walking Dead; but, it’s a possibility.

Sheriff Rick will survive tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, as he has Andrew Lincoln (Rick) has also signed up to be in season 5. I haven’t heard yet who else has signed up for next season, but Rick will make it to the end of the episode A.

Yet another question is if Carol and/or Tyreese will have to explain what happened to Lizzie and Mika this episode of The Walking Dead. They might, or might not, as the characters could be too involved just trying to stay alive to wonder what happened to the girls, if they even think that Carol and Tyreese had them with them in the first place. Sheriff Rick should be glad to see baby Judith, though.

These are just some of the questions that fans of The Walking Dead have been wondering about and hoping will be answered in the finale tonight, A. Please check out the episode — it’s sure to be one of the best ones of the season — then, come back here later to read my Recap/Review of it!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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