The Walking Dead Us Arrival at Terminus (Recap/Review)

The Walking Dead Us Arrival at Terminus (Review)

The Walking Dead episode Us comes on the heels of one of the season’s most disturbing but compelling episodes yet, The Grove. In The Grove, two of the characters of the series were killed off, the girls Lizzie and Mika. AMC has not allowed anyone in the media to preview the remaining two episodes, so many people have predicted that yet more of the characters will die in these last two episodes. Another question about this episode that I have is, will at least some of the survivors arrive at Terminus?

The Walking Dead episode, Us, began with a scene of the railroad tracks once again, and Dr. Eugene Porter discussing dinosaurs and video games with Tara. At night, Sergeant Abraham Ford tells her: “We each have our missions. You need to get some sleep; I haven’t seen you do it yet.”

Sergeant Ford told her that, at first, he thought that she was in love with Glenn. He tells her that would be tragic, her loving someone who loves someone else.

She tells him “So we both got our reasons. We both got our missions.”

In the morning, they reach the sign that Maggie made for Glenn, telling him to meet her at Terminus.

We see Daryl and the shady group he’s fallen in with surrounded by barbed wire with a walker outside the fence, grating his cheek against the wire.

Then, we see Sheriff Rick Grimes, his son Carl, and Michonne walking down the railroad tracks. Carl and Michonne are having a contest, to see which one can stay balanced on the edge of the tracks the longest. Carl wins the contest.

Daryl Dixon and someone else from the camp are out hunting. Daryl shoots a rabbit, and the other person says that it’s not Daryl’s; it’s “been claimed.” The guy then asks Daryl if he’s acting like he is because of a woman. The man suggests that it might be a young child that Daryl is pining over. He says that the young ones don’t last for long. Daryl doesn’t like the remark, and is about to pull his knife on him.

The leader of the band, Joe, shows up, though, and stops anything further from happening. He says that Daryl didn’t know the rule so he won’t be punished.

Back to Sergeant Abraham Ford — a walker is seen high up looking out of a window. Sergeant Abraham shoots him. Tara’s leg gets injured, but she says she can still walk.

Daryl tells Joe that he’s with them for now, but not for long. The guy asks him why, and says that he needs to be with a group; so why not with us?

“If you steal, you kill,” Joe says (I may have that wrong, but that’s what it sounded like to me).

“And, you don’t lie, because that’s a slippery slope, indeed.” Joe tells Daryl. He tells Daryl that the punishment for any breaking of their code is that the person will get beaten.

“You leavin’ right now? It sure seems there’s an ‘us.'” He adds: “You like cats, Daryl? I do. They’re vicious animals. There ain’t nothin’ sadder than an outdoor cat that thinks he’s an indoor cat.”

Back from a commercial break, we see Glenn, Sergeant Abraham Ford, and the rest still walking down the railroad track. Glenn says: “We’re gaining on them.”

The Walking Dead Us Arrival at Terminus (Review)

They’re at a tunnel — Sergeant Ford tells him that they must part ways because he can’t ensure Eugene’s safety, as the tunnel is likely filled with walkers. Will there be light at the end of the tunnel? Glenn tells Sergeant Abraham Ford that he’s sorry he punched him in the face, after Abraham gives him some of his weapons.

Sergeant Abraham: “I’m not. I like to fight.”

Sergeant Abraham Ford and the rest of his crew are still headed to Terminus, but they’re going to find a way around the tunnel.
Glenn and walk in the dimness of the tunnel, and Tara says that her niece surrounded.

Daryl Dixon and his group enter a building, a garage.

They’re looking for gas, but there’s none there to be found. The various men “claim” different things in the garage; Daryl doesn’t. He lies down to sleep.

In the tunnel, Glenn and Tara continue on, seeing in the light of a flashlight many walkers who are moaning and groaning, with a portion of the tunnel roof having fallen on top of them. Glenn dispatches a few of them, and Tara stomps on the head of one of them.

Then, they see many more, headed right at them. Tara has terror in her eyes.

Glenn looks at them all, using the flashlight, and says: “She’s not one of them.”

Tara tells Glenn that they don’t have enough weapons or ammo to continue on.

Sergeant Ford and the rest of his crew come across automobiles, one with a car with keys in it. Eugene says that he’s the “navigator” and that he’s gotten them this far. He wants to continue being the navigator, though Rosita Espinosa suggests that she ought to become the navigator, instead.

Glenn and Tara have climbed up onto a higher place in the tunnel, and they look down at the walkers. Tara’s leg, though, falls through a part of the area where they are, and Glenn frantically tries to get her unstuck before the walkers can get her leg.

The Walking Dead Us Arrival at Terminus (Review)

Eugene: “Turn left here.”

Rosita: “That’s the third left you’ve asked me to make in the last ten minutes. If you’re lost, admit it.”

Eugene has directed Rosita right to the far end of the railroad tunnel, where they are now waiting for Glenn and Tara to show up. That’s why he had her make the left turns. However, the sleeping Abraham Ford wakes up, and gripes at the driver for having stopped, saying that she has the keys, and that she could have continued to drive on.

Meanwhile, the guy in Daryl’s group who “claimed” the rabbit wakes up and says that Daryl took his rabbit. The leader looks in Daryl’s backpack and sees the rabbit there. The leader says that he saw the guy plant the rabbit, and the rest of the group violently attack the guy who lied, kicking and punching him.

Tara and Glenn: Tara tells Glenn if he continues trying to help her, they’ll both die. He tells her he’s not going to leave them there. Then, from the other end of the tunnel, Sergeant Abraham Ford and his crew open fire and they kill all of the walkers.

Then, Maggie walks up, and Glenn says that he met Tara along the road, and that she helped him, being “that kind of a person.”

Maggie points at Eugene and says that “You said he’s the one who knows what caused the outbreak.”

They speak about going on to Washington, but Eugene says that they lost eight people as it is, and it might be good to stop at Terminus first.

Sergeant Ford says: “Tomorrow, we go to the end of the line. Then, Washington.”

Glenn has a reunion with Maggie — a photo of her falls out of his bag, and Maggie burns it. Glenn protests it’s the only picture he has of hers, and she tells him that he’ll never need another picture of her again — which kind of sounds like ominous foreshadowing of what might happen when they reach Terminus, or if she finds out that Glenn and Tara might have romantic feelings for each other.

Back with Daryl and his group, he and Joe walk together. Joe says he never looked at things as “falling apart;” instead, he looks at them as “falling together.”

They both see the sign, and Joe says that “It’s a lie. There’s no sanctuary there for people like us.”

Joe tells Daryl that they tracked someone to the railroad tracks and the sign. Some reviewers have written that Joe and his group are after Rick, Carl, and Michonne, but that Daryl doesn’t yet know this.

Glenn, Maggie, Tara, Sergeant Abraham Ford, etc., finally reach the main buildings of the place called Terminus. It’s surrounded by a fence, but looks peaceful enough — for now, anyway.

They enter, to the tune of a folk song and a guitar playing. Sunflowers are growing there, also –“Be not so fearful, but not so pale. Be not so sorry for what you’ve done,” are some of the lyrics to the song. “Be not so sorry for what you’ve done” is a repeated refrain.

A woman approaches them, and says that “Hi, I’m Mary.” She tells them that after they get settled, they can have something to eat. That marked the conclusion of The Walking Dead episode, Us.

The Walking Dead episode, Us, surprised me in a few ways. For one, I thought that at least one more of the show’s characters would likely die, and when Tara got temporarily stuck in the tunnel, I thought it would be her — but, all of the main characters made it to the end of the episode safely.

Well, maybe all. Beth is not in this episode, and neither are several of the other main characters — but, not counting them, the ones in this episode reach the end of it still alive.

Which brings me to mention another “surprise” to me — I thought that Beth would be in this episode of The Walking Dead, at least, briefly. I also thought that Daryl would not stick around with the group he’d fallen in with for the entire episode, and that he’d find out where Beth was taken to, and he’d try his best to rescue her. Though, maybe if some people from Terminus took her, he might meet up with her there, and rescue her — who knows?

The little bit we saw of terminus at the end of this episode of The Waling Dead made it seem like a peaceful haven, a sort of 1960s hippy commune, where all is peace and love — but, I doubt highly that Terminus is really that sort of a place. From the rumors I’ve heard, the season finale will be a bloody and brutal one, and my guess is that at least one of the show’s regulars will not make it through the episode alive.

What are your opinions about The Walking Dead episode, Us? Who do you predict will die in the season finale, next Sunday? After you check out the finale, please check back here and read my recap/review of the episode!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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  1. Anne Sewell   March 25, 2014 at 12:20 pm

    There was a brief and very eerie intro to the next episode at the end of the show… I think its gonna be pretty scary next week…. 🙂

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