Trucker With Vampire Fangs Tortured Girls in Truck


A truck driver with an eerie fondness for vampire fangs awaits trial in Utah for two counts of kidnapping, transportation for illegal sexual activity, and possession of child pornography.  The deranged Twilight fan, 54-year-old Timothy Jay Vafeades, who consequently named his truck the Twilight Express, was fond of keeping women locked up in his big rig for months at a time, subjecting them to frequent physical and sexual abuse. He was arrested at a weigh station in Minnesota back in November, when officers noticed an unusual amount of bruising on the female traveling with him.  After news spread of his disturbing deeds, a second victim from April, 2012 has come forward. Now dubbed by some the “Twilight Trucker,” This maniac with vampire fangs awaits a potential life sentence for brutally torturing two girls in the back of his truck.

Vafeades most recent victim, a 19-year-old relative of his who had migrated to Utah to work with him in May, 2013, has made several disturbing statements of her horrific ordeal.  Apparently, after only a week, she had expressed a desire to go home, at which point Vafeades strangled her to the point of unconsciousness and locked her in the trailer of the truck.  During the six month period she was held, Vafeades repeatedly beat her, raped her over 100 times, and even filed her teeth down with a drill to fit a set of dentures that he found more aesthetically pleasing, all while sporting a ferocious pair of fangs.  It was not until officers at the Minnesota weigh station noticed the traumatized girl’s beaten down appearance that she was at last set free from his psychopathic clutches.

A second victim, also an unidentified woman, has since come forward claiming that she too was a prisoner of the Twilight Express.  After meeting in a Salt Lake City, Utah truck stop, Vafeades asked the woman to dinner and the two got into his truck.  He soon after beat the unsuspecting woman with a belt and proceeded to keep her in his rig for three months with relentless threats of violence if she tried to escape.  According to her statement, he both physically assaulted and raped her on a daily basis, calling her his slave during the process and always wearing his ghoulish vampire teeth.  To disguise her from searching parties, or simply make her meet his demented standards, he cut and colored her hair and shaved her teeth down much like he did his relative’s.  At one point he even forced her to marry him while on a stop in Idaho.

This second victim was apparently also rescued at a weigh station, this time in Nebraska, and after no arrests were made somehow, she later filed assault charges in Florida.  These warrants were still active at the time of the trucker’s arrest in Minnesota.  Who knows how many more innocent girls would have been mercilessly tortured in the truck of this vampire fang wearing trucker had he not been finally caught by watchful authorities in Minnesota.

Vafeades remains in custody in Clay County, Minnesota at the moment, awaiting transfer to Utah for further court processions.  His defense lawyer has neglected to publicly comment on all the unsettling allegations now circling him. It is not certain at this point how the trial will transpire, the time in prison could range from five years per count to a life sentence without possibility of parole. One thing is certain, though, no matter what happens in this trucker clad in vampire fangs will never get the opportunity to torture girls in his barbaric truck again.

By Brandon Duringer



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