‘Tucker and Dale Vs Evil 2’ in Production Soon

Tucker and Dale

The news may be a few days old, but it appears to be official: Tucker and Dale Vs Evil 2 is in development and slotted for production soon! Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine, Tucker and Dale respectively, made the announcement last week at the Horrorhound Convention in Cincinnati, confirming the long-awaited sequel to a roomful of jubilant horror fans.

The original Tucker and Dale, 2010, is a campy, crowd-pleasing, horror spoof with plenty of heavy-handed gore, young skin, and two loveable but dimwitted heroes, Tudyk and Labine. The duo plays a pair of best friends gone to a remote cabin on a weekend fishing trip. Despite Tucker and Dale’s best intentions to help a group of ill-fated college kids who are searching the wilderness for a lost friend, the unfolding of events jumps from one misunderstanding to the next…”misunderstanding” meaning one senseless, unavoidable college-kid death-by-chainsaw after another. Yet, due to Tudyk and Labine’s ability to pull on heartstrings in spite of the death toll, Tucker and Dale persevere and an unexpected tenderness prevails, showcasing a memorable and heart-warming movie-screen friendship.

While at HorrorHound Convention (HorrorHound is a convention and website devoted to all things horror), Tudyk and Labine were part of a panel discussion in which they unexpectedly announced with nearly total confidence that Tucker and Dale Vs Evil 2 was soon headed into production. The panel attendees could not contain their horror elation. The inquiry of whether or not a sequel was going to be made has been an unanswered question from fans for a few years. Even Tudyk was in the dark.

News of the sequel actually emerged as a result of Tudyk’s ignorance. While at SXSW, he told an inquisitive interviewer that as far as he knew a second movie was not in the works. When the producers caught sight of the article and Tudyk’s comment, they contacted the bewildered actor and set him straight. Tudyk received an email only a few days before the convention stating, “Guys, we need to talk…” Apparently, the producers have an outline for the script, are honing in on who they want to write it, and they really want to make another Tucker and Dale. Tudyk snorts that since the confirmation came from a “producer-y type guy,” and not a director, he felt pretty certain the sequel was a go. Find a clip of the announcement here.

During the panel discussion, Labine assured fans him and Tudyk are highly protective of Tucker and Dale property, stating, “Don’t worry. We’ll never make a sh—y sequel.” More or less, Labine is pledging to fans that neither Tudyk nor he will hitch their wagons to a less than adequate project. Although the concept of a campy, horror flick may seem over-done, Tudyk and Labine surprisingly succeeded with the first movie, and appear confident and excited to do it again.

Tucker and Dale Vs Evil did not have a huge run in the theaters, but since its release on home video outlets like Netflix and Amazon Instant Video it has developed quite a cult following. It is expected Tucker and Dale Vs Evil 2 will produce a similar reception out of the gate, and hopefully sooner than later!

By Stacy Feder




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