Turkey Planning YouTube and Facebook Ban


Turkish prime minister Tayyip Erdogan fired a warning shot at social media sites YouTube and Facebook. He even added banning these sites could be next step after phone conversation involving corruption of the government allies were leaked on YouTube and Facebook. “We will take the strongest possible way,  We will not leave this nation at the mercy of YouTube and Facebook,” he said in an ATV interview. Also adding that this is the work of the opposition parties to disrepute his government before the March 30 local elections. Though multiple corruption charges were filed last year against the current government. Meanwhile, the Turkish President Abdullah Gul strongly rejected the ban proposal saying: “Closure of [social media] is out of question.” Appallingly, the Turkey Government on Feb 22, 2014 had already imposed new internet policing laws. These trends from the Erdogan government is disappointing after it showed promise of democratic governance at the start.

When Turkey is talked about in global community, the first thing people credit that country is its global positioning. Turkey is the bridge between the east and the west but, the great Christopher Hitchens once narrated a conversation that happened with his friend on the Turkey bridge question. Apparently, the friend of the Hitch told him “Turkey is not a bridge my friend, it is a tunnel.” Now it looks like a tunnel indeed, a morose and stinky one at that. Turkey’s Human rights violations go a long way back, their treatment of the Kurds as second class Turkish citizens is true and Kurds are the largest ethnicity in the world without the state of their own. Also, the Turks bullying of the Armenian minority and the Armenian genocide during First World War by the ottoman Turks is well-known.

Talking of Prime Minister. Erdogan, his arrogance stands out.  During the Syrian crisis, he dismissed any talk of the mass murder by Bashar Al Assad government and supported Assad saying “No Muslim would kill his own people.” This sort of arrogance is not a new one, in March, 1785 newly born America faced it too. After a prior treaty with the US for ship trade, the ottomans attacked American ships breaking the treaty of Tripoli and when Thomas Jefferson and John Adams as American representatives went to London to meet the Ottoman foreign minister. When Jefferson asked him why after agreeing to share the sea and without any US provocation did the Ottomans attack US ships, the Ottoman minister replied that it is stated in their religion, that all  non Prophet believers were sinners and so they had a special right to kill and enslave.

In recent times, the turkey government tantrums have been plenty and the US should take some blame for it. Letting Turkey loose is one of the many disasters of Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. At the NATO conferences, during their UN security council voting term and their push for a European Union membership. If there is still any suitors for Turkey’s claim to permanent United Nations Security Council seat and an EU passport, good luck. It is absurd to put Turkey with its alarming record, in the same conversation as India and Brazil for a UN Security Council seat. Like the great George Orwell put it in 1984 “If there is hope, it lies in the proles.” Hope Turkey shall enjoy YouTube and Facebook as most of the world.

Opinion By Vikas Vemuri


Euro News

The Journal of Turkish Weekly


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  1. ESRA   March 9, 2014 at 2:52 pm

    To shut down Facebook or Youtube is not a correct approach, and also it shouldn’t be a solution. In our times, social media is an important piece of humans. There are lots of people who can not think a world without social media, and also they might be right. The people should decide that they want to use social media or not! It is up to public , not to government. If government thinks that the public uses and also abuses social media to the detriment of government, they should find a more logical redress which doesn’t cause the reaction of public.
    Zirve University /Gaziantep-Turkey


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