Twitter Flock Remains ‘in Tact’


Around 460,000 Twitter accounts are created everyday (based on a 2012-2013 study by SocialMediadd). This means over 19,000 accounts are activated every hour. The social media phenomenon crashed on March 2nd, Oscar Sunday, when Ellen DeGeneres posted the star-studded selfie. That photo ended up raising $3,000,000 of Samsung’s funds for charity. Remaining fully “in tact,” however, is the Twitter flock, not lacking in content creators. On the other hand, this was the the interlude to Twitter’s brief silence at 11 a.m. this morning Pacific Time.

Twitter may have lost some user engagement during the past nine days. However, they do not look to be officially slowing down anytime soon. From 2012-2013, an average of 177 million tweets were sent per day. As of February 2014, that number is up to 500 million, while 100 million daily users occupy the landscape.

Before the blackout, Twitter’s stock was on the rise and after the approximately 47-minute delay, rose about .25 percent. As Biz Stone, co-founder of the new big bird, took the stage at South by Southwest’s Interactive Festival in Austin, TX, Twitter exited stage left. As the numbers are on blue note’s side, the Twitter flock remains “in tact.”

The Austin Convention Center estimated 4,500 attendees at SXSW Interactive from March 7th to 11th. SXSW accounts for about 72,000 faithful overall.

There are 241 million Twitter users monthly. Merely a trend continued from the previous two years, half of Twitter handlers dominate the action, while half of them monitor their status several occasions daily. With relative nature, half of user activity is focused on .05 percent of all Twitter handles; this time is directed to a busy 20,000 (well, some aren’t very active, yet maintain followers). Adele (@OfficialAdele) hosts 19.7+ million followers and has tweeted 204 times. On the flip, Robert von Heeren (@acmc_clock_euro), has 193 followers. He has compiled over 3.6 million tweets.¬†Each user averages 307 tweets as of last year and is followed by 208 users.

China is the country in control of the Twitter waves. As of 2013, 35.5 million are national users. Also as of 2013 are monthly PC Twitter handles at 36 million. 184 million users hover Twitter via cellphone.

Many would not be surprised that 72 percent of users tweet “personal updates.” At 62 percent, users update based on work. Tweets on general life observations are posted by 54 percent of users. Location is tweeted by 24 percent of handles. Just over half of Twitter participants share news articles, retweet others and send direct messages. Videos are shared by 28 percent and photos by 40 percent of the Twitter community.

Maybe the best suggestion based on these numbers is that there are not any trends that necessarily express guaranteed content output in any way. The craze does absolutely show a nearly guaranteed increase in user-base, tweets and shares. While almost five minutes a day are spent by Twitter handlers (as of 2012), at a maximum of 140 characters per tweet, one may assume that the time spent would not shrink overall, but merely on the time it takes to tweet itself. Far from any sudden collapse, whether a brief stoppage or multiple hour “disaster” (if you are one of the 88 among the top 100 Fortune 500 companies who tweet company news and status updates), the flock of Twitter remains “in tact.”

By Luke Osicka

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