Ubuntu Party Meets Deadline to Participate in the South Africa Elections

The 2014 South Africa elections will be held on May 7, and a new political party, the Ubuntu Party, will participate after having met the deadline to secure the ZAR200000 deposit. The deposit raised the required funds through a global internet crowd funding campaign.

Ubuntu is a Zulu/Xhosa word translated to human kindness and is often referred to as humanity toward others. There is the universal bond of sharing.

Thousands of people internationally and locally have allowed the Ubuntu Party, the new political party, to contest the elections. The funding raised through the internet has opened a door for the party to partake in the national elections. Those in the Ubuntu party call this a historical moment for their entry into the political scene because the people paid for their contribution. The global support for the simple philosophy of the Ubuntu party means the people want something different.

Dealing with the root of all our misery is the philosophy and plan of action for the Ubuntu party to deliver something new to the people of South Africa; the theme that all South Africans experience economic hardship and that the majority do not see the real reason for the deepening misery is an important part of the philosophy. The Ubuntu party quotes the current banking system as the major problem. It is their intention to address the issue of the economic war of the banks against the people.

The Ubuntu party said that no political party or government will achieve success by using the tools that created the problem and these tools are the private banks, the South African Reserve Bank and the generated private money with no backing.

The current government according to the Ubuntu party leaders is aware of the situation and can longer be trusted. The betrayal by the government and political parties has caused the people of South Africa not to show confidence in their governance.

The country belongs to the people, including the mineral wealth, and the energy creation according to the Ubuntu Party and their policy is to restructure the entire banking system. The party wants a government appointed by the people and insists that the chosen government will remain a slave to the people. The government must serve the people on every level of human endeavor.

The Ubuntu party has a simple theory and plan to restructure the banking system to serve the people and not enslave them. To create a People’s Bank that will generate wealth, be tax-free as well as interest free. This will end the financial exploitation of people as it is shown to have done so by the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) in the past. The SARB is a privately owned Reserve Bank.

The Ubuntu Party said by creating a new banking system, they will free the people of South Africa from debt slavery the same way Abraham Lincoln did with the Greenback, and JFK did with his United States Notes in 1963, which replaced the Federal Reserve Note.

Stephen Goodson, formerly a shareholder and director of SARB, has joined the party. Goodsen has firsthand knowledge of the entire banking system and understands the oppression of the people.

The Ubuntu Party has a plan for the inventors and scientist to provide a renewable source of Free Energy for all the people of South Africa. Their approach is to assist farmers to grow organic food and escape the clutches of Monsanto, a leading agricultural company that produces genetically engineered (GE) seed and the herbicide glyphosate.

The new People’s Bank will support the people who will govern themselves in their own communities by decentralizing the government. Can this restructure the justice system, which currently is a failure and rewrite a new legal framework?

The Ubuntu Party believes that this time is the age of information and an exciting new era for South Africa. To have economic freedom and introduce simple solutions that every South African can understand is the theme of Ubuntu; to deal with and dismantle the corrupt corporations who organize crimes against the humanity of the people.

Ubuntu Party is the key to the new and dynamic simple way for every South African person to live a dignified life. The ease and knowing what needs to be done is the basis for change. The Ubuntu party will bravely take the first step to implement the changes.

There is a plan to introduce basic principles of the Ubuntu Party and the philosophy of Ubuntu contributionism. The leader and founder of the party Michael Tellinger will present a solid foundation for a new social structure; a system to free people from economic misery and create real wealth.

Ubuntu will partake in the May 7 elections of South Africa and their contribution will uplift and inspire an entirely new diverse monetary system and governance of sound and simple policies for all the people of the land.

An Editorial By Laura Oneale





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  1. miguel   May 3, 2014 at 3:28 am

    I just jipe this will work! Hoping the best for the new party!


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