Ukraine-Russia Conflicts Resonates Concern

Ukraine-Russia Conflicts Resonates ConcernRecently the armed forces of Ukraine have assembled together in what has been called a full combat alert due to the impending threat of possible aggression from Russia, and has informed Russian authorities that any form of Russian military interference could possibly lead to war. According to Ukraine acting PresidentOleksander Turchinov, there is no justice in what Turchinov has called Russian aggression against the Ukraine.  This response from Ukraine came as a result of report’s of Russian military convoy’s advancing towards it’s boundaries. The military conflict which has been called a global chess-match between Ukraine and Russia has resonated concern worldwide.

Today the United Nations came together to discuss an issue that has resonated international concern, the developing military conflicts between Russia and Ukraine. This emergency meeting was called together by the United Kingdom, upon the news of the people of Ukraine preparing for a full Russia military invasion, a result of Russian President Vladimir Putin approving the deployment of military troops into the Crimea. When discussing the matter, Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseny Yatseniuk announced, “Any intervention from the Russian military will be the beginning of  a war, and the end of the relationship between the Ukraine and Russia.” According to Sergei Markov, the director of the Institute of Political Studies,  “We are not on the edge of the cold war, but rather the edge of the warm war.”

In response, Russia has made countless assertions that their military actions were to maintain peace between the pro-Moscow Ukrainian’s and those that wish to have their ties with Europe. However, their are many worldwide that do not concur with these statements, including United States Senator John McCain. Also speaking on conflict between Ukraine and Russia that has resonated much international concern was the United States President Barack Obama. In a nationally televised announcement, President Obama noted,” We’ve become deeply concerned about the ongoing Russian military interference occurring in Crimea and the possibility of it expanding into Eastern Ukraine.” Obama then went on to discuss how Russia was clearly in violation of respecting the Independence of Ukraine as well as the regulations of international law.  During his address, Obama made several references to the Russia’s actions having ‘high costs’ and responding to those actions, which have many wondering how he is going to put those words into action.

Also speaking on the issue was the Swedish Foreign Misnister Carl Bildt, who was quoted saying, ” This act is obviously against both international principles and laws of our European society.” In addition, there are those in Russia who are opposed to Putin that have expressed their concern as well. According to Iiya Ponomaryov, a lower-level parliamentary member of Russia, “Either way this will end badly.” Ponomaryov then went on to say, “These military deployment actions in Cinema will only stimulate our Ukrainian opposition, which will greatly distance Russia from Ukraine.”

In then wake of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent actions against Ukraine, the world’s attention has turned to Putin’s following actions, as they could ignite a war.

By Aaron Weis

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