Underage Girls Are Among the Nude in Photos Shared Online

underage girlsUnderage girls were photographed by a New York based photographer Kirill and shared online via his social media accounts. Kirill a self-proclaimed, photographer of drunken women and celebrities, as per his twitter profile was admittedly behind the lens.  Kirill is a nightlife photographer that was featured at a nightclub opening in St. Johns, New Foundland. The night featured Kirill, a New York DJ, Jillionaire and a twerking contest.  During the event Kirill took to social media posting pictures and videos from the club for the world to see.

Although Kirill’s twitter page states, he gets paid to party and sometimes take pictures, unfortunately Kirill underestimated social media as backlash ensued in response to the nude photos. The pictures were shared via his social media sites and some people found it distasteful and degrading towards women.  The negative attention caused the club, Club Allure to release a statement in response to the pictures. On the clubs Facebook site they announced they were updating their dress code in regards to nudity and apologizing if the shared pictures offended anyone. However fans of the club did not accept the apology citing they should be more responsible for the people they hire and more aware if underage girls are in the club. Another commenter revealed naked blow up dolls of women with the word slut written across the forehead were also on display in the club, no doubt as part of Kirill’s image as the “slut whisperer” a moniker he gives himself. Allure’s promoter Daryl Flood took responsibility for hiring Kirill and shared his regrets for doing so seeing the negative press it has created.

All social media comments were not bad. Some are in support of the Club and photographer as they believe all the women in the pictures, underage or not, were willing participants and were not forced to take the topless, inebriated photos. Besides the support after the story broke it has been reported some of the girls in the photos were identified as underage which will bring about a new problem for the club owner and promoter.

Kirill defends his work, which consists of mostly pics pouring champagne on scantily clad women, scantily clad women and apparently more scantily clad underage girls. Kirill states the photos have attracted more visitors to his site and garnered more likes and not one person has asked for him to remove them.  Flood and Kirill both state the women were asking to be photographed and willingly posed for all the photos. Kirill has almost 9,000 Twitter followers, a lot of whom are women, and based on their tweets are both fans and subjects of his work.

Now that the truth regarding the age of some of the girls in the pictures from Club Allure in St. John’s it is unclear who will be held responsible. According to Flood the club has a fail proof I.D. system at the verifying all patrons are of legal drinking age, but we now know that was not the case. Underage girls were photographed drinking and partially nude and those photos were subsequently shared online, someone has to take responsibility.

Opinion By Debra Pittman


CBC News


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