Walker the Zombie Beer With Real Brains


A Philadelphia brewery has decided to debut a new creation this Sunday, March 30 for a celebration which will center around The Walking Dead season finale. Dock Street Brewing Company has named their creation Walker, infused it with cranberries in order to provide a red tint and added a special ingredient. The surprise ingredient which has many people already dubbing Walker a zombie beer is, in all actuality, real brains.

The beer was created in tribute to the show The Walking Dead because Brewery Representative, Sasha Certo-Ware as well as the Head Brewer, Justin Low are both fans of the show. The Dock Street Walker is a 7.2 percent alcohol content American pale stout. The brew is made with organic cranberries in order to create a sinister red color and provide a slight tartness but most of the other ingredients are more common. The beer is brewed with such common ingredients as malted wheat, flaked barley, and oats. Fuggle hops infuse both earthy and delicate notes but the secret ingredient is inspired by the show and zombies everywhere. The Dock Street Walker beer’s zombie inspired nature is showcased not only by the creepy reddish hue but also by the fact that it has smoked goat brains as a definitive ingredient.

Dock Street Brewing Co. in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, is no stranger to winning awards for their creations. They have won the World Beer Cup Bronze Award and both a Bronze Medal and a Silver Medal at the Great American Beer Festival 2012. Additionally they have been named as a Best Craft Bar by Philadelphia Magazine. Some of their more eccentric creations include such items as Barrel-Aged Barley Wine, the Dock Street Barrel-Aged Prince Myshkin Russian Imperial Stout, the Prisoner of Hell Aged on Chili Peppers, A Beer Four All Seasons Truffled Old Ale, the Bubbly Wit, and Spanglish Fly. This newest creation, the Dock Street Walker, may include an ingredient that some might interpret as one of their more outlandish additives, but tasters indicate that the smoked goat brains provide an intriguing yet subtle smoke note.

The brewery defends it choice of ingredients, not only as a tribute to the show The Walking Dead but also because much of the world considers brain to be a delicacy. The Dock Street website also states that using all parts of an animal encourages and increases sustainability. They also profess to believe that using the entire animal honors both the animal’s life and its death.

The Dock Street Brewing Company will be hosting a celebratory season finale for the show The Walking Dead beginning at 7 p.m. on Sunday, March 30. The celebration will coincide with the public release of the brewery’s new craft beer, the Dock Street Walker. The Dock Street Walker craft beer, created in tribute to the popular zombie show, has real smoked goat brains that have been cooked over hot coals prior to their addition to the beer mix. The brains are said to provide the pale stout with a subtly intriguing smoke flavor while the organic cranberries add the color of blood. The release of the beer marks the end of the fourth season of The Walking Dead but the show was renewed and will return again next season.

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