Weekend Weather Alert: Storm Titan Poised to Strike

Weekend Weather Alert: Storm Titan Poised to StrikeWeekend weather alerts have been issued across the country for the next few days and beyond. The winter storm named Titan is poised to strike with force at the stroke of midnight the first day of March. As well dressed weather men and women comingle around their desks and doppler radar screens, the verdict is in. No one can control the weather, but thanks to modern technology and super-sized department stores, we can all at least be prepared.

As no one can control the weather patterns of climate change and global warming, predictions without promises still abound in the world of top news. Preparing for the worst and hoping for the best is the way to go when looking at the clouds that beckon a huge storm. As they say, March rolls in as a lion and rolls out as a lamb, let the powers that be and the people below just stay the course.  Folklore and fond wishes will hopefully say goodbye to the long winter with this last hurrah that is upon us.

Cold fronts and temperamental temperatures have been churning for the last few days, producing the perfect outcome for a big storm. The calm before a storm is not always business as usual, as citizens in the path of the storm seek refuge and supplies. The just in case mode is in full force as people batten down the hatches and rush to the nearest store. Stocking up with the traditional bread, milk and eggs, most everyone should be in good shape for French Toast in the mornings to come.

Barring any power outages, back-up generators and flashlights have been number one sellers at hardware stores. Shovels, blankets, food and fuel are ranking high in sales as frantic shoppers line the aisles with overflowing carts. Being prepared for a storm is ahead of the game from olden days that provided no warnings. With safety first and a cupboard full of supplies, children plan their no school days with rented video games and movies. It is almost a holiday met with preparation and anticipation, but with real danger at bay.

Weather patterns have been changing yearly with global warming and climate change. A fact of life, the Earth continues to revolve and spin as new events take place. Traditionally, hurricanes have been named, but now winter storms are earning a dub as Titan is the 20th named winter storm. An appropriate name if it lives up to the predicted outcome it might ensue.

Scary and threatening, modern technology now gives people options in safety plans and preparations. Shelters and EMTs are on stand-by as we see the storm begin to raise its ugly head. Already causing mudslides in California and thunderstorms in Arizona, Titan is not to be stopped. Dropping up to six to twelve inches in the mid-west and reaching up into New England, the heaviest snowfall might be felt in Pennsylvania. Unfavorable results from Puxanntanny Phil might be coming into play with revenge of a major snow blast. The famed rodent recently predicted six more weeks of winter and donned a top hat for the festivities on February second. He has since gone into hiding and is comfortable to last yet another storm.

Despite the calendar, it has been a very long winter with multiple mishaps and stranded drivers. Trusted and trained meteorologists have become our best friends in predicting and preparing the nation for the prophecy of weather. If fireplaces, flashlights, food and fuel are in place, we all should be fine in the next big round of storms. Titan promises to deliver the snow, ice and sleet and will surely earn a spot in the record books. Weekend Weather alerts are well in place to keep us up to date and honed in on the latest storm activity.

Take it as real and get prepared with the goods and services that are ready, as hibernation mode will increase in the next few days. Extreme weather patterns are becoming the norm as accurate doppler devices may or may not determine the degrees that descend and describe our life as dancing in the snow or dealing with dire outcomes. Weather will happen whether we like it or not. Stay alert and tuned in for safety for weekend weather alerts in your area, Titan is already deemed as a storm to remember.

By: Roanne FitzGibbon


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