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The movie Noah, which premieres on March 28 in the United States has been rated as controversial in plenty reviews, especially since it was banned in some Islamic countries, but Russell Crowe, who portrays the biblical character warned people regarding what not to expect from the movie created by Darren Aronofsky. Although a book entitled Noah: The Real Story written by Larry Stone is believed to be a reiteration of the film, Stone stated that there are several points in which the movie differs from the biblical explanation.

Besides the fact that Russell Crowe admitted the movie is meant to be discussed, more than to be understood and that Pope Francis did not accept to endorse the upcoming film, Stone prepared the audience for what not to expect from Noah. The author explained that the movie depicts God’s decision to destroy the earth because man disrespected the environment, but the Bible states that the actions of the creator were meant to punish people for “violence against the image of God.” Moreover, Stone warns about the notable difference between the Bible and the film, namely that the former considers human beings more important than animals, but Noah shows a reality in which “Good would have preferred a world with only animals and green trees-one devoid of human beings.”

Although Stone presents a different version of the biblical happening than Aronofsky, he also encourages Christians to embrace the upcoming movie and to use the interest it will generate, an opinion which coincides with Crowe’s, who stated that “whether you have faith or you don’t have faith, you talk about it.” The star known from Gladiator also mentioned what not to expect from Noah, namely a “Sunday school story.” The actor clearly stated that the movie is meant to change people’s understanding of the Bible and of the biblical character’s role. According to him, the man who constructed the ark is not well understood by the general public, himself included, so the film tackles the story of a regular man “who begins to realize the full weight of the task he’s been given.”

Flood Mythology Reinvented

During his third stop on the promotional tour of Noah, Crowe told journalists that as controversial as the movie might seem, the flood mythology is present in all biblical texts, irrespective of culture or religion. He admitted that banning the movie in several Islamic countries was not shocking, because creating an image of the Prophet is forbidden there, but at the same time stated that those nations who did not want to accept the film in their cinemas would lose a chance for discussing the undeniable facts Noah presents.

No Endorsement From Pope Francis

Crowe used social media platforms to try to convince Pope Francis to watch the movie which has determined some religious groups to say that the story in the film does not mirror the happenings in the Bible and the actor also tried to obtain a private audience with the pontiff.

Although the Vatican’s chief spokesman, Reverend Federico Lombardi stated that the Pope will not see Noah and he will not accept a private audience, Crowe, director Aronofsky and other studio officials were in the invitation-only section of St. Peter’s Square on Wednesday. Aronofsky stated via social media that he could not “miss the chance to listen and learn” from Pope Francis and Crowe described the meeting as “a privilege.” However, several religious groups, including the author of the book which tackles the same subject pointed out what not to expect from Noah and how the film changes the perspective from which the biblical character is seen.

By Gabriela Motroc


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  1. Jacob Greenwood   March 23, 2014 at 1:03 pm

    Noah existed and his sons and their descendants be traced through Chronicles in the Bible and archaeology to people and places that exist today. Why do the seven Noahide laws, for Jews and Gentiles alike, still resonate, and are the basis for Jewish and Mesopotamian law?

    READ “Finding Noah” at http://www.NoahIsReal.com


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