Wii U Has Potential

Wii UThe video game world seems to have forgotten about the potential of the Wii U, or perhaps it just does not care.  It is no secret that Nintendo’s current generation console has seen hard days, even leading to several meetings about the company’s direction and new business plans for the future. Nintendo has announced that its CEO will be taking a 50 percent pay cut to make up for losses, however. They still remain firm, though shaken, in the wake of Wii U’s poor numbers.

On nearly every website that covers video games, it seems as though every single person has the solution for Nintendo’s issues with the Wii U.  While plenty of commentators are rallying for Mario  and Pokémon on their iPhones, Nintendo has already stated that they will not be putting games on mobile devices, and will instead stick to apps based on the brand.

Nintendo, however, does not need fixing, or a solution. Nintendo needs games for their home console. The Wii U might be taking a big hit, but Nintendo’s 3DS has exhibited great sales numbers and has really come to show off its true potential. But what has made one better than the other? Games. The 3DS library showcases long-time favorite franchises Zelda, Pokémon and Fire Emblem, as well as a variety of indie games through the eShop. The Wii U might have gotten a brief boost from the Wind Waker HD sales, but players need more to hold their attention; after all, it is likely that most of them still own Gamecubes, and would rather play the classic title on that. Where is the new Zelda title? Where is the new Metroid? What about a home console Fire Emblem? Or Pokemon Stadium X & Y? The Wii U has the potential to be great, but it needs the games to do so first. Without titles, the Wii U might just be on its way out, before anyone has even seen the best it can do.

If that is the case, perhaps the last gasping breath of the console will be the new Super Smash Bros. title. Even the most shallow gamer with Call of Duty for a brain and Xbox logos for eyeballs played (and enjoyed) Super Smash Bros. With any luck, this release can at least spark some Wii U sales, especially if Nintendo manages to properly host an online service for it. In a perfect world, the inclusion of classic Nintendo characters in one game would garner some interest in playing the actual games they star in. But the world is not perfect, and it is likely that the Wii U may fall into the realm of failed consoles that could not live up to their proper potential in time.

Perhaps the main reason why people are having such a hard time finding interest in the Wii U is because Nintendo has done great things in the past. Think about the N64 and the way it felt to sit down with friends and explore Hyrule in 3D for the first time, or the feeling of finally understanding how to properly use Ness in the first Super Smash Bros. game. The Gamecube gave players the experience of seeing the world through Samus’s eyes in Metroid: Prime. The Wii was the first console to properly integrate motion controls, and sparked Microsoft and Sony to explore the same direction. Players are used to having great gaming experiences come from Nintendo’s home consoles, so of course, they are disappointed with the lack of games on  their current generation effort. The Wii U might be a late bloomer, but the potential to give players a proper Nintendo experience is still there.

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10 Responses to "Wii U Has Potential"

  1. Joel   April 12, 2014 at 6:59 pm

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong here but I seem to recall that the Xbox 360 and possibly even the PS2, PS3 and original Xbox all had problems at first and were considered flops at some point in the earlier portion of their history. I think even the 3DS took quite a while to gain speed and was considered a failure at first. Is my imagination playing tricks on me or doesn anyone else remember this too?

    At any rate, I love my Wii U and I predict it will make a recovery. While a large part of that recovery does rely on marketing I do think that the system needs some of it’s huge franchises to come out. Thankfully we are starting to see that with the likes of Donkey Kong, Mario 3D World, and Mario Kart but it really needs a new Zelda and Metroid (my personal faves). I think if Nintendo brings their heavy hitters to the plate it will renew interest in the console which will tempt third parties who have abandoned it to come back.

    Oh, and one killer game for the Wii U that doesn’t seem to get enough credit is Need For Speed Most Wanted. I never hear people mentioning it but I bought it several weeks ago and it is awesome. Not a perfect racing game but the visuals are spectacular and it is a whole lot of fun to play. It’s a shame this game doesn’t get the credit it deserves and therefore is one of the reasons EA has pretty much turned their back on the Wii U.

  2. Reddish   April 10, 2014 at 5:58 am

    I believe that major softwarehouses are simply trying to dismiss one of the next-gen platforms to maximize profit, having to code for only two major console systems. It will save them one full coding team, production line etc. So far I think they have succeeded in convincing most media on their plan.
    Nevertheless, whoever has actually played with the console is more than happy with its performance and gameplay, and that is to mean something. The fact that Nintendo has its own excellent coding teams plus a host of independent software houses seeing an opportunity to produce quality games for wii u is slowly derailing that “failed” mantra.

  3. Ken Humphrey   March 28, 2014 at 6:56 pm

    I bought the Wii U because it had more family friendly games vs the other game systems. Even though it doesn’t have that many games it will probably produce more family games than the other systems. I’m also surprise that game makers aren’t really taking advantage of the game pad. I would think they could make a virtual keyboard that would be appealing to gamers.

  4. John Wright   March 27, 2014 at 1:55 pm

    So, apparently you haven’t played Wonderful 101 or Super Mario 3D World? Maybe Lego City Undercover? What about Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze? No? Mario Kart is due out end of May but no mention of that either.
    If you had written this back a few months ago it would be believable but games have came out for this system and it seems like the article ignores that.
    Bayonetta 2 is also widely anticipated but no release date yet.

    Beyond that, as stated above, marketing is the issue. With the success of the Wii, Nintendo must have forgotten that they actually have to generate interest and show that this is a new system. They are finally getting around to doing this, let’s just hope it isn’t too late.

  5. Dill   March 25, 2014 at 10:40 am

    Thank you! Why the hell can’t Nintendo see the obvious. I’m a consumer and would literally go out tomorrow and buy a Wii U just to play Zelda. There are tens of thousands of people like me (late twenties early thirties) who want specific games. They should have launched Wii u with a strong Mario game, then worked out launches for the other big titles.

  6. Nahtatroll   March 25, 2014 at 9:53 am

    Nintendo fail trollololololo

  7. Paladinrja   March 25, 2014 at 8:29 am

    Its pretty obvious that Nintendo is intending to float the platform. In all truth there isn’t much they can do to promote the Wii U, as in all honesty, it should be selling itself in the face of ‘more of the same’ from its competitors.

    I think in the end many gamers will want to move onto Wii U once they naturally fizzle over other chosen platforms. Its got a great steady pace of games with exclusive versions of franchises by third party AAAs emerging, as they increasingly look to bolster their revenue due to the unexpected lacking install base of their competitors.

    However, its really up to gamers when they jump on the platform. I myself, a gamer for 30+yrs fully recomend the platform, regardless of whatever else one might game on, the Wii successor does everything the Wii does (and much more) much, much better, with an equally intuitive touchscreen implimentation and standard controller combination in one controller, as just one control option of many (yes Wiimotes are supported too).

    I’ve seen alot of garbage speculated as to why the console isn’t selling but in all sincerity, I can’t see these claims in playing the system. Once gamers are over this crazed indoctrination centred around technicalities, I sincerely hope they get aboard before they hit the end of this consoles life cycle that was always set to be shorter than its competitors.

  8. LostShepherd   March 25, 2014 at 4:14 am

    The real issue is that the Wii U has simply not been marketed strongly enough. There are plenty of good games and exclusive titles available for it and at really competitive price point as well.

    A concerted effort on the marketing front would turn this console around, hopefully with MKart 8 & the other big titles out this year we will see that.

  9. BillJoseti   March 25, 2014 at 12:56 am

    Nintendo had games last year, but they failed to promote them, they also delayed alot of key titles.

    They had strong exclusives and definite games which they didn’t promote. Rayman Legends was designed for the console, and it really shows. Donkey Kong is the first game i’ve seen actually promoted. They went cheap and its bit them in the bottom.

    The console is actually a little bit expensive this time around. I’d prefer it, if they dropped it to 250 officially….

    The also don’t have as many 3rd party exclusives as the Wii had… Seems Nintendo is playing it slow, because alot of games just aren’t ready yet, so lets see how things are in 5 to 7 months time. Once Smash and Mario Kart have been released.

  10. Cystitis Quo   March 25, 2014 at 12:03 am

    It is simply a question of games and mot just the big ones either. Nintendo has many IPs it hasn’t touched for a while abd claim that as there is no new hook or idea they won’t make a sequel. The thing is at least 3 of these are racing games (F-Zero, 1080, Excitebike/Truck/Bots) and racing games don’t need a gimmick, they mainly need new track designs, boosted by the power of the new system. having a decent raft of racing games always helps a system, reviving franchises like F-Zero would show the fans they were serious about the hardcore fans who have moved on or now only play Nintendo on portable. Yes there are some killer games coming but Nintendo could boost that library quickly by getting those three franchises into production now.

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