Will Global Warming Bring About ‘The Walking Dead’?

The Walking DeadWhat is the obsession people have with the idea that zombies may one day take over the living world like those in the hit TV series The Walking Dead? With the fact that global warming does bring about the fear of hidden viruses soon to be exposed from melting ice, could there inevitably be a connection?

In the movie World War Z, viewers never really found out what caused the zombie virus to spread in the first place. The walking dead just started to appear and start chasing humans. Zombies are not real, nor have they ever been. Still, zombie enthusiasts don’t seem to be giving up the idea that a deadly event like this could happen one day.

Perhaps people have watched too many zombie apocalypse style movies and shows and now feel they might be ready for such an event if it does happen. As ridiculous as this sounds, it never hurts to be prepared, right?

When scientists recently found a 30,000 year old “giant” virus named Pithovirus sibericum, perhaps it brought the thought to mind that many other contagions might be exposed with the impact global warming has on the planet. The virus scientists found however, is not one that can infect humans, but it can infect amoeba.

Society has long since been obsessed with The Walking Dead and the idea of zombies in general. Recently, a massive hoax exploded all over the Internet about a “zombie like” flesh eating disease which claims its victims after they had used a street drug named Krokodil. Elaborately disgusting images displaying limbs with rotting flesh exposing bones were popping up everywhere online.

The truth is that a lot of the people in those images were either awake and or smiling which proves they are fake. The images were so real though, that many people were fooled into thinking it was all real. Which proves how easily society will spread any “zombie-like” news, the obsession is huge.

What exactly is the zombie obsession about? Death, or the idea of an apocalypse? With the latest UN report on the impact of global warming stating earth’s status is in a danger zone, it has many people worried about what could happen to the planet. Look out for The Walking Dead believers using this as a way to bring the public to their knees with the fear of such a possibility.

There are many websites dedicated to preparing people for the end of the world, or when they “think” the end might be. So far, they’ve all been wrong. Obviously. Besides the fear of tsunamis, the water crisis, the global food shortage etc… Could ancient viruses be exposed during the earth’s warming phase and spread quickly causing all people to get sick or die?

Not likely.

However, Jean-Michel Claverie, a professor at The National Center for Scientific Research, was one who worked on the study involving the 30,000 year old virus. Claverie warns of the possibility of a smallpox comeback, though he did not confirm this would happen.

“Smallpox is not eradicated from the planet – only the surface,” warns Claverie, if the virus and the amoeba survive in the same way. Global warming is a huge issue which should not be taken lightly. Perhaps someone should bring all of these imaginative souls, (people who are obsessed about The Walking Dead) together to form a real action plan against this world’s inevitable future.

Editorial by Katie Sevigny



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    The global warming zombies have been out

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