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Xi JinpingBeing the President of China certainly has its challenges, Xi Jinping has been meeting with everyone from President Barack Obama, to leaders in Germany promoting an image of China as being proactive in the issues of the Ukraine and in the search for the missing Malaysian flight, but are these the wrong priorities?  A Canadian High School student thinks so, and  has brought attention to the radioactive waters heading towards the U.S. and the reality of that radiation from Fukushima is already getting into the fish that are being brought into the United States from China. She and others certainly believe that Xi Jinping’s priorities need to include testing of their exported food.

It started with a science project, a $600 Geiger counter and Sushi from the local supermarket. What she found has grabbed the attention of the world, and has the general public questioning not only the fall out from Fukushima, but how China, the U.S. and Canada are addressing the issue, or more precisely, not addressing the issue.

Bronwyn Delacruz a high school student from Alberta Canada decided to do this study when she heard that Canada stopped testing food for radiation in 2012. Some of the Kelp she tested rated almost 300 points above the accepted standard, which only strengthened her resolve to bring attention to the issue. Mackerel, Halibut, and Tuna are just a few of the types of seafood affected, so the question is, why was testing stopped in 2012? PBS has also picked up this story and has been reporting on scientists that are doing investigations of their own by raising their own funds after being turned down by 5 key agencies in the  Federal Government. Directly after Fukushima became an issue, President Obama told the American public that any radiation that reached America would be harmless, even though he had no scientific basis for this statement. Japan has done some testing and found one species that rated 124 times the safe levels of radioactive cesium. Yet the shipments of sea food keep coming in without any testing done on them at all, even though it has been found that the beaches in California are testing at 10 times what is considered normal radiation. Wrong priorities are definitely an issue for the U.S. , Canada, and Xi Jinping when it comes to the safety of their people.

Fishermen in the ‘hot zone’ that  once prospered by fishing the waters, are now only pulling samples to be tested. Miles O’Brien of PBS went riding with these fishermen in the waters around the reactors and also within the Pacific Rim and the findings are grim. Bottom feeding flounder were found to be one of those species that were highly affected and showing exceptionally high rates of contamination. Xi Jinping needs to work with these scientists, and the U.S.  and prioritize the damage and what can be done to minimize it in the future before more goes wrong. The United States and Canada need to bring back the testing of these and all imported foods for radiation, and maybe even explain why it was stopped in the first place.

By Kristi Cereska

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