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100 Schoolgirls Kidnapped by Terrorists: Nigeria

NigeriaBoko Haram Islamist group entered a government secondary school in Nigeria heavily armed, in a night raid and abducted more than 100 schoolgirls. Boko Haram Islamists are a known affiliate of al Qaeda militants in the Sahara. The group has made no statement as of yet after the terrorists kidnapped the 100 schoolgirls.

Boko Haram, which means “western education is (forbidden or sin),” in English was able to subdue soldiers that had been deployed to the school in advance to provide extra security. The girls were packed into the back of an open lorry, with hope of escape, some grabbed at branches to lift themselves off the vehicle. The Boko Haram has attacked a number of schools in the past leaving thousands of dead in their campaign.

It is not clear yet how many have been killed during the kidnapping, with the gun fire that took place between the terrorists and the soldiers. The gunmen went on to burn homes and businesses leaving chaos in their path.

The region in Nigeria has become extremely dangerous and unstable. With a bombing that took place the day before the abduction, killing 75 people and wounding many more. This attack marks the deadliest attack on the federal capital to date.

An attack at Abuja has many up in arms about how the government will protect the region with the World Economic Forum on Africa coming up next month. The government plans to deploy more than 6,000 police and soldiers to the area to protect those who will be participating in the event.

NigeriaBoko Haram wants to stake its own land and become an Islamic state. They have targeted government posts, schools, police and military posts as well as churches leaving a death count of over 2,000 in the last six months. The terrorist group is organized and trained for military type action. They have the funding and weaponry to do enough damage to the region in hopes of the government giving into their demand to become an Islamic state.

The residents of Abuja question why the security that will be used for the World Economic Forum on Africa cannot be put into place to protect the Nigerians that reside there now. There has been an outcry concerning the government’s tactics and the protection of its people. The people in the area live in fear of the terrorist groups that threaten their lives every day. The protection of their government is needed and wanted, so one could understand their frustration when the government promises protection to visitors of the region.

One of the students who escaped the terrorists, who kidnapped the 100-200 schoolgirls in Nigeria, stated that they trucks were flanked by a group of motorcyclists to eliminate the any escapes. The student reported that when one of the trucks broke down, her and a number of girls jumped out and ran for their freedom.

In early March after threats from the terrorist groups’ leader, Abubakar Shekau, to raid and abduct girls from the school, the government sent more than 120,000 students home from 85 different secondary schools.

The families of the abducted are in a state of panic. The schoolgirls who were kidnapped in Nigeria may never be released by the terrorists. This causes great concern for the Nigerian people who are already suffering from the Islamic presence in their regions. The Nigerian people will be pushed out of their homes and land if the government does not protect them or stop the surge by these terrorists.

Commentary by Jabar Morarend

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