8 Last-Minute April Fools Pranks for Co-workers!

April Fools
Ahh April fools is back again, and anything can happen, anything might! Trust no one, even those you love. There are some serious players to the April fools game. Many people loathe this day, and others well, they thrive on it! The office is a great place to stage a sneaky prank. Usually co-workers find the office day-to-day pretty mundane, or for some all too serious. Why not lighten things up a little with some April fools jokes? Here are 6 more or less easy pranks to pull as a last-minute idea on anyone at the office.

A great first suggestion? Set up an embarrassing new screen saver or desktop background on a co-workers computer the night before, or very early in the morning. When they arrive at work and turn on their screen, just watch everyone snicker. An example: a giant photograph of an unattractive woman/man in their underwear or kittens galore, the possibilities are endless. This second simple April fools joke is a classic: Remove all the pens from a co-workers desk with one’s containing no ink. If that specific co-worker asks to borrow a pen, keep giving him/her empty ones!

Another idea would be to print out photos of Justin Bieber or anyone who might get some laughs and line your victim’s cubicle with them before they arrive. Make sure to keep a camera on hand to capture the moment in all of its glory! April fools pranks that confuse the heck out of people are the best! Keep moving things around on a co-workers desk when they get up to use the bathroom or take a break. It will totally confuse them! Example: Move around their stapler, tissues, books or pens. As a last-minute idea, this one is totally doable.

One sure way to get some laughs would be to buy a box of pretty cupcakes or doughnuts at a local bakery and place them in the break room/lunch area on the middle of the table, open for business. Oh yeah, don’t forget to glue them all down to the box! Watch  as people grab a handful of cake as they attempt to grab a treat. Too good!

A pretty common joke around the office, yet still a goodie would be to tell a few co-workers at different times during the day that the boss needs to see them, and that it’s urgent. Keep a worried look, it will help to freak them out a little. Not only will people keep showing up to the boss’s office realizing they’ve been pranked, but the boss will probably go nuts all day with this one! If cruel is more of what one may have in mind, a common practical joke is to convince co-workers they are interested in each other romantically behind their backs. This may backfire, making people angry. Make sure to choose victims wisely. One’s that can take a joke. Who knows? Perhaps a new relationship could blossom!

If co-workers prefer their pranks messy, go into the company’s fridge where every co-worker keeps their lunch stored and write mushy love notes on the ones to get pranked. Example: “For my special man-child, kiss kiss” or “You’re my cutie petutie.” This is one last-minute April fool’s joke that will be sure to embarrass friends!

Editorial By Katie Sevigny




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