Adele Five Fast Facts

adeleRumor has it that Adele is planning to release her new album.  Ryan Tedder, who worked with Adele on her upcoming album, says she will release it at her own pace. This third album is reportedly expected to be released later this year. The OneRepublic singer, Tedder, believes that Adele has done her best work in the forthcoming album. Although many people know her songs like the back of their hand, how much else do they actually know about 25-year-old Adele? Here are five fast facts about the British gem Adele, whose album 21 from January 2011 was the highest-selling record of 2012.

Just a Little Break

Adele needed a break for two reasons—throat surgery and pregnancy. Following microsurgery on a damaged vocal cord in 2011, she was advised to quit smoking, but Adele said that smoking was her favorite thing to do in the world. The year after a significant year for Adele and her 39-year-old partner, Simon Konecki. The singer gave birth to a son, Angelo, and has let her music career take a backseat to motherhood since then.

$50 Million for Doing Nothing

It has been three years since Adele released her last album, 21, that made her an international star. She is surely busy raising her son. However, it surely has not affected her earning power. She earned about $50 million the year before from the royalties of 21. There was a 65 percent increase in earnings last year, meaning every day earns nearly $55,000.

The Lighthouse

The most interesting part of the five fast facts about Adele is her domination of the Grammy awards. When Adele won six Grammys in a single night, she found it quite difficult to carry all of them because they were too heavy. The Grammy-awarded singer must have millions of fans around the world, but one in particular stands out.  She received fan mail from an important person: ex-Prime Minister Gordon Brown. His thank-you message praised her for keeping Britons’ spirits up during the global financial crisis, calling her “a light at the end of the tunnel.”

The Man Who Broke Her Heart

Adele has claimed that she is at her most creative when drunk but another source of inspiration brought her luck, namely her ex-boyfriend who claimed that he had inspired her first album, 19. By breaking her heart, he believes that he subsequently made her a star, and demanded a portion of her profits as a reward. Adele related that for approximately one week he was calling her and was deadly serious about it, but she did not reveal his identity. In one interview, she stated that he was a few years older than her, and he made her feel alive.

Some Secrets of Adele

Adele has some favorite singers that she likes the most. Two of them are Etta James and Dusty Springfield. Both of them influence Adele when she composes songs. The singer came across them when she was looking for a new hairstyle in the Classics section of HMV.

One additional fact about Adele is the story behind her initial performance. When she was in school, the first song she sang was “Rise” by Gabrielle. She gained a lot of attention for this performance as people were introduced to her amazing voice.

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