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bynesAmanda Bynes has been keeping quiet on Twitter a lot more lately, and when she does Tweet like last night, she is showing off pictures of a healthy body clad in a Bikini. (below) It is a testament to the life she is now living, and the massive steps she has made in taking charge of her destiny. She gave a shout out to the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, (FIDM) where she is currently attending and studying hard. According to her Twitter account school comes first these days, and she even showed off a sketch she did, which is really very good!







Speaking of looking good, Bynes looked Fabulous at her debut at FIDM. (below) She is certainly taking better care of herself, and it seems that going to school is really agreeing with her. She says she is studying hard, and her fans are behind her and cheering her on. Add to that celebrating her birthday last week has finally given Bynes something good to Tweet about. She even posted pictures of some of the fabulous designs that were on the FIDM runway, although she did not say whether any of her designs were on display. Her fans really want her to succeed and get past all the craziness that she let enter her life in the past, and it does seem as though she has.  So the fans are  saying, Tweet those Bikini Pic’s Amanda Bynes, and show the world how good things are going.


Keeping her life on the straight and narrow will be the challenge now. Although the world seems to love a train wreck, loving a big come back success story is something everyone should get behind.  Turning just 28 on the 3rd of April, Bynes thanked her followers for all their Birthday wishes. Seeing how healthy she looks in her bikini pic’s while on Spring Break from school, is giving them a feeling of optimism that she is indeed on the road to recovery. 2013 just wasn’t a good year for Bynes, and one she is not likely to forget due to all the crazy pictures out there in cyber space. Lets hope that she has learned from it, and won’t give the media and tabloids anything to talk about, except how well she is doing.

Bynes began acting by the time she was 7, and was doing commercials at that tender age. Her career really took off when she became one of the stars of Nickelodeon’s comedy show “All That.” From there she was the star of  “The Amanda Show” from 1999-2002. Becoming a celebrity so young has taken its toll on any number of child stars, like Brittney Spears and Lindsay Lohan. Maybe it is time to look at how children can be protected once they are thrust into the limelight. Maybe it should be mandatory to take parenting classes should a Mom or Dad find they have a child rocketing to stardom.  Then maybe, just maybe, the public would not find it so exciting to see bikini picture’s of Amanda Bynes tweeted out in an effort to show the world that she is OK. The fans wish her nothing but the best, as evidenced by her Twitter account, and it looks like she is finally doing great.

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