‘The Bitcoin Phenomenon’ Now Showing on SQ1.tv

The Bitcoin Phenomenon is now showing on SQ1.tvThe new online television network SQ1.tv (Square TV), which spotlights startups, economics, trends and global affairs, has released The Bitcoin Phenomenon. This online show is set to profile this new economic ecosystem, its role among tech entrepreneurs and its position for the future.

The online show features interviews and commentary from prominent leaders of the Bitcoin community such as Gavin Andresen, Jeremy Liew and Erik Voorhees to name a few. This 35-minute special explores the tension in a market that is abstract and unregulated, but seeks to become the legitimate digital currency of the Information Age. For anyone curious about Bitcoin’s mechanics and the diverse types of people involved in the movement, this is a must-see.

“The Bitcoin Phenomenon promises to deliver the big picture, without cheerleading or pandering. We were able to get very candid perspectives on this war brewing within Bitcoin,” said Bhu Srinivasan, the founder of SQ1.tv, “the conflict we saw pits the early adopters with highly libertarian leanings vs. the VCs and entrepreneurs that are eager to embrace government regulation.”

Originally scheduled for a summer release as part of a full slate of programming for the launch of the network, SQ1.tv launched The Bitcoin Phenomenon as public interest and general confusion around Bitcoin remained high. Seeking to provide some clarity, the program is a cerebral, in-depth look at how the Bitcoin movement started and delivers a definitive explanation of this complex currency, covering.

  • Bitcoin’s founding by Satoshi Nakamoto
  • Key technology breakthroughs
  • How Bitcoin derived its initial value
  • A look at the libertarians, crypto-anarchists, and speculators that helped drive early adoption
  • The VCs and entrepreneurs that are looking to shed the ideals of the early adopters to take Bitcoin mainstream

SQ1.tv is based in New York City. It is a new online television network that is looking to reinvent business television. The network focuses on producing long-form stories on startups, trends, economics, and global affairs. The SQ1 approach will be to dive deep into the numbers, economics, transaction structures, and details that are the most important aspects of understanding the big picture. SQ1.tv’s target viewer is the person for whom business is fun and creative.

“We’re looking to produce programming that helps people understand complex stories better,” said Srinivasan. “Trends, economics, business, and statecraft are inter-related. These subjects fascinate us, and our concept is to explain it starting at square one.”

Launching with a full-slate of programming in June 2014, SQ1.tv will initially be available to subscribers online. Additionally, SQ1.tv will actively look to partner with streaming services and pay-TV systems including cable and satellite.

SQ1.tv explores the Bitcoin phenomenon in-depth in this documentary. The online documentary covers the history, technology, and clash between the politics of early adopters and the VCs as well as entrepreneurs gearing up to take Bitcoin mainstream. Will the establishment interests of Wall Street and Silicon Valley be able to neutralize the radical politics of this movement? Tune in to see this and so much more.

The Bitcoin Phenomenon comes with over two hours of bonus materials. The main program and 10 bonus segments are available exclusively on SQ1.tv to subscribers.

There are many upcoming shows for the business world which are in pre-production but The Bitcoin Phenomenon is showing now. This 35-minute special explores the apprehension in a market that is abstract and unregulated, but seeks to become the legitimate digital currency of the Information Age. This is a must see for anyone who is interested in Bitcoin’s mechanics and the diverse types of people involved in the movement.

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)



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