Amazon Rainforest Restoration Ideas

amazon rainforestThe Amazon rainforest is in need of help as it seems to be on the way to becoming a desert. Recent studies and research have found that the causes of most of its problems lies with climate change, forest fires, and deforestation. Various ideas to help restore the Amazon rainforest are logical, technological, and even a little futuristic.

Deforestation has made way for livestock pasture, profitable, housing, as well as farming. Though activists instead would like the rainforest to be used in a way that the natural resources are used in a way that would not harm the trees and wildlife. Further destruction of the Amazon rainforest could limit its natural way to keep itself alive.

Rubber tapping is a process that enables local people in the rainforest to extract the liquid latex from rubber trees and use it to make rubber. This is a forest-friendly procedure as it only requires a person to take a sliver out of the bark of the rubber tree to extract the liquid latex. However, cheaper synthetics have caused a decline in demand for the natural rubber. However, work is being done to create rubber manufacturing plants inside the rainforest itself, which could help make natural rubber profitable again.

Gemalto, a digital security company has created a tree tracking device that alerts the authorities when a tree has been illegally harvested. The device rests at the base of the tree and is set off when the tree senses itself removed from other trees. A signal is then sent to a local police station which can then investigate. While this does help, a further advanced warning would aid the police even further as this solution only alarms when the tree is already removed from the ground.

Some ideas to help the restoration process of the Amazon rainforest needs to look further down the road. In order to fully think of every idea available, some people need to not only think in the present, but also what could become available in the near future.

A group of five Chinese designers entered the eVolo’s 2014 Skyscraper Competition with the Rainforest Guardian Skyscraper. The skyscraper looks like a thin tower with a bowl on top and pipes hanging off the side of the top to the ground. The bowl is meant to catch natural rain that can be stored for later use. The pipes function in almost the same way, except the pipes touch the rainforest floor and soak up the rain that makes it the ground. The water collected would be used by aircraft drones housed inside the tower that would help put out fires within the rainforest. The Rainforest Guardian Skyscraper is only a concept, yet it shows how people forward-thinking in effort to help the rainforest.

There are sure to be further ideas that could help the restoration process of the Amazon rainforest. People from around the world are trying to keep the rainforest from dying off as it is known that the world needs its help to preserve global climate. A collection of ideas can help the rainforest and in turn, the rainforest can help mankind.

By Raul Hernandez


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